2013 Youth Summit: December 5, 2013

12th Character Education Youth Leadership Summit December 5, 2013

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The 12th Annual Northeast U.S. Character Education Youth Leadership Summit, was held on Thursday, December 5, 2013 from 8:30AM to 3:30 PM on the campus of Russell Sage College in Troy. Below is information about this event which was attended by 200 --- the most teams ever! Review the details and watch this site for information about the 2014 Youth Summit

The 12th Character Education Youth Leadership Summit focused upon a “Judging a Book by its Cover: CARING“. The keynote speakers of this event  will be Diane Lang and Michael Buchanan, authors of The Fat Boy Chronicles. "Inspired by a True Story. Created by former nationally recognized high school teachers and experts who draw readers and viewers into the real world of teens" (The Fat Boy Chronicles, http://thefatboychronicles.com/). Check out their website for more information, and for a sneak peek of their work.

Teams composed of middle school and/or high school students, teachers, and parents will develop an action plan to address issues in character education/school climate and the enhancement of academic excellence. At this interactive event youth leaders have the opportunity to learn specific leadership skills and develop an understanding of key positive character traits. Youth leaders will have the opportunity to implement character-based improvements in their schools throughout the school year.  The Academy for Character Education at The Sage Colleges will follow-up with each school after the Summit to provide encouragement and direction and instruction throughout the year. Making student teams responsible for implemetation/followup is important. They accept the challenge of returning to their schools and communities to create a project using the skills and concepts they have learned in order to implement character based improvements.

The EARLY Bird Special: The cost is $300 for the entire ten person team ($30 per person for each extra team member).  This deal cannot be beat!  This EARLY BIRD registration deadline is November 15, 2013.

The cost is $375 for entire ten person team ($37 per person for each extra team member) after the early bird special.

Each school should assemble a team that represents the diverse population of your school and is committed to working on character education initiatives in your school.   We have learned from experience that it is very valuable to include parents and/or community members on your team as they help out in ways you may not think of to the benefit of all! You decide what is best for your school and/or district.  The Academy requests that each school attending the Summit commit to year-long character education work in your school with follow-up by Academy staff.  You may request a registration packet or obtain more information from The Academy at charactered@sage.edu or 518-244-2336

Registration is limited to the first 20 teams.  Some school systems sent two ten member teams: one from the MS and one from the HS.  The registration deadline was November 25, 2013.

Is funding a problem this year? We are sure that you can promote this conference and raise the money because it is so beneficial to young people at such a small cost!  You could make contacts to generate the funds.  Your students often have great ideas and resources.  Perhaps you could obtain funding from your PTA/PTO or local service organizations (Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.) or have students plan and lead a fundraiser!  Good luck and we are looking forward to seeing many schools at the conference this year!

                                  Are you bringing a team this year?

Berlin HS Leadership Team

 2013 Berlin High School

Youth Summit Leadership Team

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2013 Youth Summit Workshops:

1) The Untold Story: There is More to Recycling – Debbie Jackson

2) Boom, Crash: Distracted Driving and You – Susan Pedo

3) The Ins and Outs of Cyber Bullying –  Heather Shannon

4) Who’s In Charge Of Your Life Anyhow? – Teresa D’Archangelis

5) The Next Chapter: Stepping Up To Serve – Berlin School

6) The ALLIES Program: How to Create Safe Spaces in Your School – ALLIES

7) The Magic of Character: Discovering My Leadership Skills Through Theatre – Bruce Weiner and Melissa Putterman-Hoffman

8) Not Judging Lee - Joseph’s House