This page is dedicated to providing resource suggestions that can be used to promote positive character traits (both moral and performance) in schools, businesses and communities. We hope that you find useful information here and invite you to send in your recommendations (whether it be a single item or a list).

Mel Horowitz, Academy Associate Director, recommends the following items:

    (1) Bullied (DVD-40 minutes)  This powerful documentary is the case study of one gay youth and how his tormenting led to a landmark court decision. While it is/may not be appropriate for ES student viewing is is most certainly appropriate for MS, HS and College students and should also be viewed and discussed by ES educators. It comes with an excellent viewing/discussion guide complete with student assessment, staff survey and additional resources list. It can be obtained FREE to educators by completing an online form at

   (2) The Fall 2010 issue of Teaching Tolerance has a timely article on Cyber-bullying on pp.43-46 (with resource list). Visit website above for FREE subscription.

   (3) The October 18, 2010 Newsweek article, An Offer They Wouldn't Refuse (pp.38-39) shows how one district thought outside the box.

   (4) JUST ADDED: Another excellent source is

Leadership Board Member Joan Monk (Peter Pan Children's Fund) sends us the following  FREE resources list:

Free Resources for Character Education

Foundations for Life – Reflect, Express, Commit -Build literacy skills and character with our discussion and essay program-

Character Counts Character education lesson plans, curriculum, handouts, and

 Free Character Ed Resources-If you work with kids, and you need to implement character education tomorrow, and you want some immediate help, this is where to start.-

Advance Publishing- Click on “Free Resources” on top bar.-  

Free Resources-

The Foundation for a Better Life (Posters)-

I Love That Teaching Ideas- Click on “Character Ed”- 

Character Ed -

CharacterEd.Net - Parent

Websites and Reference on Stories and Character Ed