Summer Character Based Academic Enrichment Camp

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Summer Inner City Program for Students and Families



Summer 2014!


 This successful program has entered its twelfth year! This exciting venture was originally organized in partnership with the Troy Housing Authority (THA) and is held in a Community Center located in the midst of a THA Housing Project. In recent years Pioneer Bank, Educational Vistas Inc., CDPHP, Durham School Services and Seton Health have become Troy Program Partners. This has enhanced the program.

Each spring the THA and the Troy area schools announce the program and distribute application forms. Students going into grades 1 through 5 can apply to attend. They must agree to attend each weekday for a two and a half hour “class” during the month of July. In Troy the program is held in the morning from 9 until 11:30 AM in the same facility which offers free breakfast and lunch before and after the program. The application also encourages parents to participate in the classes and several usually do. In order to encourage family support and participation there is also a Family Program each week.  The goal is to enroll 25-30 students in the class. The Troy Housing Authority also provides summer interns (usually high school students) to work with the teachers and students in the class. The program creates positive character trait reinforcement, academic enrichment and enthusiasm in the students and families.

Creative and accomplished teachers are hired to design and carry out the program. The program administrator interviews teacher applicants, conducts training as needed, reviews lesson plans and observes the classes.

A key element of the program is motivating the students in this multi-age classroom. The lesson plans are designed to embody fun as well as positive character traits and academics.  Older students often enjoy their roles as “mentors” to the younger ones. The program includes field trips (parents volunteer help chaperone) and guest speakers. Talented performers and food are featured at the Family events. Students also are “performers”, showing off what they have learned through the program. 

The final family event is a Graduation Celebration at which the students present a play about their learning experiences. The professional performers and student presentations help motivate parents and other family members to attend these events. Parents are also motivated to attend the family events when Pioneer Bank provides a “Financial Planning” session and Seton Health provides a “Healthy Living Choices” session.

The Academy has been pleased with the results of this program and the support it has been given by the community. At times over 100 members of the community have attended the family events. Parents often remark how pleased they are with the ways their child has developed as a result of the program.


Watch this web site for details about the Summer 2015 program. We invite you to show your support to these children and their families for making the first step towards a character rich life. It is through community members such as yourself we can continue to provide such an enriching experience to these children.

To support the 2015 program, we offer ads in our graduation program ranging from $25 for one quarter page to $100 for a full page. If you wish to have your business recognized as a Character Development supporter for today’s youth or if you simply wish to learn more about the programs and events of the Academy for Character Education simply fill out and return the attached form, email us at or call the Academy at 518-244-2336. 


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