Annual Symposium

 The Northeast United States 15th Annual Character Education Best Practices Conference Seminar will be held October 23, 2014.

This year's theme is:

Raising the Bar by Design: Best Practices for Character Education and the Common Core


This year's Symposium will include "BY DESIGN-BEST PRACTICES: PARTICIPATORY PLANNING GROUPS "which will be centered on sharing stories for a sustainable future and to raise public awareness that character development the glue that holds together most of the elements of the changes in education. The focus of the conference will be on how character education can be used as the vessel through which Common Core standards (including the Charlotte Danielson Model, NYS Standards and the Common Core) can evolve into meaningful and effective educational improvement.



The Academy for Character Fall Symposium Thursday, October 23, 2014   (Register with BOCES for CoSER aid & professional development credit on the following link: symposium session & lightsupper and handouts

The Symposium addresses how Character Education ”Brings it All Together” through the power of seamless integration of Character Education and Common CoreSymposium Schedule: Note: Alternative early start time at the same registration fee.

2:00-2:10 PM Early Arrival Pre-Symposium Registration

2:10-3:35 PM     Best Practice Breakout Sessions: Using Character Education to Meld Specific Learning Episodes with Common Core Standards    CHOOSE ONE SESSION (all repeat at 4:15)

1. Ralph Singh: Using Wisdom Literature and Stories

2. West Sand Lake Character Education Team: Becoming a National School of Character - Supporting the Common Core

3. Cindy Gallager: Writing Student Learning Objectives that Incorporate Character Education by Design

4. Dr. Phil Fusco, Kim Minear   The Intentional Development of Civic Virtues k-12 through Multidisciplinary use of Classical Literature

5. Dr. Bruce Crowder: A Look into the Future: An inquiry into the new “Evidence Centered Testing” and” and “Depth of Knowledge” assessment models being developed by the National Testing Consortia on the Common Core.

3:15–3:40 PM Symposium Registration continued

3:40-4:05 PM School and Community Voices on the Common Core

4:05-4:15 PM Welcome and Overview: Dr. Lori Quigley, Dean Esteves School of Education., Dr. John Walko, Director ACE

4:15-5:40 PM Best Practice Breakout Sessions: Using Character Education to meld Specific Learning Episodes with Common Core Standards CHOOSE ONE -Repeat of 2:10-3:35 PM, see above.

5:45-6:30 PM Light Supper

6:30-7:00 PM  Overcoming the challenges in implementing new levels of rigor in the common core:  Understanding how to utilize new technology and tools to enhance learning within a character based professional ethical learning culture; Presenter: Ken Facin, Superintendent, Hoosick Falls  

This page will be updated as we obtain additional information regarding this event.