Kathleen A. Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research

[Door]Located on the Russell Sage College campus, the Kathleen A. Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research (DCUR) opened in September 2008 as one of the Dean's first Centers for Excellence. Named for Dr. Kathleen Donnelly, Professor Emerita Chemistry, the DCUR aims to support the pursuits of undergraduate research at Russell Sage College in a variety of ways. Dr. Donnelly was a major force in supporting undergraduate research and was responsible for the College's NCUR participation from 1990 until her retirement in 2008. During that time several dozen students went to NCUR all over the country and presented their research. The DCUR is located in the basement of the Shea Learning Center.

Students are encouraged to use the Center's resources to assist in research on papers and presentations. Center staff are available to assist students with presentation skills, posters, technical support, and publication and conference possibilities. The Center oversees the College's participation in the National Council on Undergraduate Research. As such, we endorse the Council on Undergraduate Research's definition of undergraduate research: "An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline."

The Center also encourages students in the WORLD Program at Russell Sage to make use of the resources available to them in preparation for the bi-annual WORLD Conference.

Students can use DCUR to find on- and off-campus opportunities that best match their skills.

Call for NCUR 2015

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Abstracts and Posters

Sage Undergraduate Research Symposium 2015

2015 Sage Libraries Research Award

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Sage at NCUR

The Sage Colleges have sent students to the National Council on Undergraduate Research since 1990. The complete list of Sage participants may be found here.

Students attending NCUR 2014 in Lexington, Kentucky:

  • Lisa Eytel (RSC Chemistry '14): "L-Factor synthesis: Preparation for sex pheromone synthesis of the Nasonia vitripennis Walker jewel wasp" (Dr. Thomas Gray, CHEM advisor)
  • Ashley Fortin (RSC Biology '14): "Honey of an Idea: Alternative Treatment for Propionibacterium acnes" (Dr. Dorothy Matthews, BIO advisor)
  • Kayla Nelson (RSC English '13): "Growth in the Garden: A Jungian Reading of the Orphans in The Secret Garden" (Dr. David Salomon, ENG advisor)

[DCUR Opening]
(President Susan Scrimshaw, Dr. Kathleen Donnelly, Dean Sharon Robinson)

[Opening Shot]
(Dean Sharon Robinson, Dr. Kathleen Donnelly, Dr. David Salomon)

Dr. David A. Salomon, Director

The Center is a member of the Council on Undergraduate Research.