2016 Sage Undergraduate Research Day

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2016 Sage Undergraduate Research Day Schedule
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Troy and Albany, NY
(final update: 4/22/16)

[printed programs will be available on both campuses on April 27]

Sage College of Albany Morning Events

7:30am-9:00am: Refreshments, Art & Design first floor lobby and Armory 2nd floor hallway


Business Strategy II

Assistant Professor Kevin A. Fletcher (Visiting)


KCC 224

Business Strategy II students will be presenting the results of a semester-long online business simulation.  Each team of students has made financial, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, human resources, and total quality management decisions for a mock business, in competition with other teams and computer teams.  The comprehensive business simulation requires student teams to develop specific market strategies, create and finance changes to product characteristics to meet market segment demand, and project a full range of business needs over a 7-8 year cycle.

BIO-307: Internship in Biology and Health Sciences

Associate Professor Stacie Kutz


KCC 101, KCC 104, and KCC 105

Students in the Biology and Health Sciences Department often complete a 120-hour internship as a culminating course for their degree in our programs.  It is thought that obtaining experience in their field of interest allows students to apply theoretical skills to practical work situations, enables students to develop effective interpersonal skills in the workplace and provides students with the opportunity to test their aptitude for a particular career.  This year students have completed internships in fields including physical therapy, sports medicine, dentistry, and resident care.  These students will present information on the goals they established for these internships, whether they met these goals, the content of their work and how these internships helped in creating a path for their career choices. 

HUM-403: Senior Seminar

Assistant Professor Maureen M. Gokey


KCC 347

Students in the Writing and Contemporary Thought program will present the results of their scholarly examinations and interventions with texts and literary theory.  Students have selected an area of study that has grown out of their general coursework in the program as well as specific work completed in Principles and Techniques of Research. Specifically, students were asked to develop a paper addressing one of the following modes of critical investigation: (a) to introduce a new idea of literary, theoretical, philosophical, artistic or textual study; (b) to reconsider and reframe an older notion related to theory, philosophy, or textual studies in light of new information, theory, and research; or (c) to question and intervene with a text/theory/work of art based upon a variety of critical perspectives, offering new insights into how to understand that text within a contemporary framework.

Graphic + Media Design Senior Capstone

Associate Professor Sean Hovendick


Opalka Gallery

The Graphic + Media Design Senior Capstone is a self-initiated, two-semester research, design, and development experience for students nearing completion of the BFA degree in Graphic + Media Design (GMD). Students begin with a thorough investigation of a design problem by utilizing research methods common throughout the creative industry. Findings are compiled into a written proposal and prepared as a formal presentation. This proposal is the foundation for a body of work that is created throughout both semesters of the Senior Capstone, which includes numerous deliverables that make up the overall design solution. Faculty and fellow students alike guide the development and progression of the students' project through mentorship, lectures, group critiques, presentations, field trips and writing assignments. As part of the Sage College Undergraduate Research Day, GMD seniors will present their Senior Capstone research and design solutions while taking questions from the audience.

Hosted by the Opalka Gallery on the Albany campus, this event is an open forum that allows visitors to attend any number of the student presentations.

PHB-201: Health and Society

Assistant Professor Dayna M. Maniccia


KCC 224

Public health comprises all the factors that can influence a person’s health. The field takes a broad view of the issues and factors related to health and utilized information and techniques from a multitude of disciplines to promote health and overall wellbeing. In this presentation, students will provide an overview of several key public health issues.

Sexual Violence Against Women in America from the Early Nineteenth Century to Present Day: The History of Systematic Desensitization Towards Women and How We Can Regain Our Humanity, presented by Amanda Bastiani

Assistant Professor Maureen M. Gokey


KCC 347

Sexual violence against women is the result of a large systematic approach from a patriarchal society that utilizes governmental laws and various media outlets to influence cultural norms in order to desensitize and further perpetuate the cycle of sexual violence against women, and it is these same methods by which our society can collectively counter this pattern and influence change for the good.

Research in Biology & Health Sciences

Professor Mary Rea


KCC 347

Students majoring in Biology and the Health Sciences often complete a year-long independent project with a supervising faculty member. Typically students complete their projects in their final year before graduation. This year students participated in projects involving many different fields in the biological sciences involving genetics, behavior, chronobiology, and development.  Most research projects were completed in faculty laboratories at Sage and some in collaboration with other local institutions such as the RPI and Albany Medical Center. Our students present at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and the TriBeta Regional Conference.

Capstone Seminar in Law & Society

Associate Professor Carol DiMambro and Assistant Professor Kerry Mulligan


KCC 105

Each of the 6 groups will present a professional poster which examines a social problem and proposes an intervention strategy to address the problem.


BUS-327/328: Internship in Business and ACC-327/328: Internship in Accounting

Eileen Brownell


KCC 224

Students will discuss their internship experience with specific reference to their learning objectives and how those objectives were met during their work.  Students have interned in the following organizations in the Spring 2016 semester:  Aflac, In Focus Brands, Katie O’s Weddings and Events, NYS Office of Internal Audit & Compliance, Fortitech Premixes, NYS Department of Health, Samaritan Hospital, MadAddie Marketing, Destination Bride, VanAlphen’s Landscaping, NYS Office of Internal Audit & Compliance, and General Electric.

SCL/SOC-348: Commerce and Culture:  Italy

Eileen V. Brownell


KCC 224

Alex McNamara:  In the past century many nations have had an increasing focus on combating gender inequalities however, sexism, wage gaps and falling reproductive rights still plague several modern cultures. Although laws and policies have been made, Italy, an economically developed country has been unsuccessful in their attempts to give women equal rights. With a low score 40.9 on the Gender Equality Index of 2012, it is evident that Italy must work on a solution to this ongoing issue.

Marita Breen:  Nurses in Italy (education, salary and effects on personal health)

Award Ceremonies

Presentation of the Libraries Research Award


Library, 2nd Floor, Vershoor

The Sage Colleges Libraries Research Award recognizes papers or projects that demonstrate exceptional use of library resources. Papers are judged based on the demonstrated ability to use library resources effectively and on the overall quality of presentation. The Sage College of Albany winner is recognized.

27th Annual Writing & Contemporary Thought Poetry and Fiction Writing Contest


Library, 2nd Floor, Vershoor

27th Annual Writing & Contemporary Thought Poetry Award: Three awards are given for original poems. First, second and third place winners are recognized.


Fiction Writing Award: Offered by the Writing and Contemporary Thought Program each year for outstanding fiction writing. First, second and third place winners are recognized.

Psi Chi Recognition

Time: 11am-11:30am

Location: Library, 2nd Floor, Vershoor

Psi Chi is the international honor society in Psychology, with a mission to encourage excellence in scholarship and advance the science of Psychology. The society boasts Drs. Albert Bandura and B F Skinner as members. Recipients must be in the top 35% of their class across the entire college.

TriBeta Awards Ceremony


KCC 224

The Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society (TriBeta) was established in 1925 for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. Biennial national conventions of student and faculty members began in that year and in 1930 the society journal, BIOS, began publication of student research, articles of interest to biologists and society news.


Sage Shuttles will run on schedule between Troy and Albany campuses.

Russell Sage College Morning Events

7:30am-9:30am: Refreshments, Buchman Pavilion

8:30am-9:30am: Oxford Style Tutorials (French House Annex Moliere)

9:00am: Chemistry and Biochemistry (Science Hall 103)

  • Ellen Cassidy, "The Use of TiO2 Catalyst for Decomposition of Commonly Found   Organic and Pharmaceutical Toxins in Aquatic Environments"    

9:00am-Noon: Nursing Nexus Poster Presentations (Bush Memorial)

  • 3 sessions; programs will be available

9:00am-Noon: Community Health Fair (Buchman Pavilion)

9:00am-10:30am: History Senior Project Roundtable (Gurley 105)

9:00am-11:00am: Psychology (Gurley 304)

  • Alain Ackerman, “Deception detection: The liar’s playground”
  • Paige Farrara, “The role of military culture in the development and treatment of post-traumatic stress”
  • Sarah Lang, “Effects of intimate partner violence on children & adolescents: psychological, social, & behavioral implications”
  • Katerina Martin, “Gender differences in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)”
  • Kimberly Plumadore, “Benefits of mindfulness for college students”
  • Krysti Smaldone, “Trichotillomania: A reclassification from impulse control disorder to obsessive compulsive spectrum disorder”
  • Noelle Valla,“The effect that music has on cognitive function”  


11:00am-1:00pm: Buffet Lunch for all students and faculty, The Armory Shed, Albany


 The Fourth Annual Sage Colleges Last Lecture

1:00: Dr. Stacie Kutz, Associate Professor, Biology (The Armory Shed, Albany)


2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium (Albany)


Section 1: 1:30-2:20

A. Social Sciences (Armory 217)

  • Rachelle Valenzuela, "Investigation of Relationship Between Emotion and Pain"
  • Mary Witkowski, "Sex Trafficking in Italy"
  • Gabriela Sanchez, "Impact of Childhood Trauma on Women’s Psychological and Physical Health"

B. Art and Design 1 (Armory 213)

  • Anthony Cinque, "Using Design Innovations and Interior Spatial Solutions to Gain Financial Stability: Lessening the Burden of Student Debt and the High Cost of Living in Urban Cities
  • Michaela Schumaci,"Home in Another Country and Combining Cultures"
  • Adam Hitchcock, "Here we Grow!"

C. Mathematics (Armory 230)

  • Sara Tironi, "English Language Learners' Success with Common Core Mathematics"
  • Patricia Martinez, "Earth, Space-time, and Graphene: How Curvature has Evolved and Helped Shape our Future"

Section 2: 2:30-3:20

Poster Session (Armory Shed)

  • Kelsey Lair, Marisa Adler, Courtney Weiler, Elizabeth Karam, "Uncovering Mary Seacole and other Women of Color in Medicine"
  • Nicole Meerwarth, "Probiotics and Improving Skin Health: A Review on Oral Supplementation of Lactobacilli and the Beneficial Effects on the Skinas Microbiome"
  • Jessica Pelcher, "Coffee and the Factors that Effect its Overall Healthfulness"
  • Tabitha Vooris, "Fish Oil and Cognitive Function"
  • Hayley Goold, Abby Driscoll, Cathrine Wesoloski, Kaitlyn Kendle, and Rachel Leonard, "Portrayal of Nurses in the 19th Century Vs. Contemporary"
  • Morgan Heyward, Madeline Wamsley, Candace Rose, "Troy's Schubert Theatre"
  • Kendra Piontek, "Effect of Chelators on Plaque Development in C. elegans"
  • Tanesha Beebe, "C. elegans as a Model System for Studying Compounds Associated with Alzheimer's Treatment"
  • Samantha Busold, "The Chemistry and Physics of Hydraulic Fracturing"
  • Samantha Byron, Emily Filuta, Kate Grabusky, Alexa Silk, Alexandra Betancourt-Perez, "Nightingale's Theories and Their Applicability Today"
  • Amanda Millington, "Phenolic Compounds in Tart Cherries"

Section 3: 3:30-4:30

A. Art and Design 2 (Armory 217)

  • Meradith Kill, "The Golden Bird"
  • Caitlyn Coon, "Design for Inclusion: A Design Model for Existing Facilities"
  • Jessica Lucia, "The Uprooting Addiction Campaign"

B. Psychology and English (Armory 213)

  • Sarah Waldron, "In Search of Cougars, Bears, and Someone to Cuddle With: An Exploration of Sex and Gender Themes Found in Craigslist Personal Advertisements"
  • Briana Bogatka, "Moral Theology in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

C. Biology (Armory 230)

  • Jared Sweeney, "An Analysis of Queen Movement Between Nests as a Function of Distance in Temnothorax Curvispinosus Polydomous Colonies"
  • Sandra Marsh, "To Self or Not to Self: Investigation of the Correlation Between Self-Incompatibility Phenotype and Herkogamy in Natural Accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana"
  • Mary Witkowski, Rozina Rose, Grace Koehler, Jacey Hill, Dianne Girard, and Shellian Shampersaud, "Characterization of the CO15.13 Zebrafish Craniofacial Mutant"

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