Sage Students Attend NCUR

[NCUR 2011 group]Each year, Sage students are selected to present their research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Students attending NCUR 2011 in Ithaca, NY (pictured at right):

  • Brittany Beyus and Caitlynne Cash, "I'm Not a Feminist, But..." (RSC, Advisor: Prof. Leigh Strimbeck)
  • Briana Bixler, "Will Red Light Exposure Make Winners Out of Losers?" (RSC, Advisor: Dr. Susan Jenks)
  • Rachel Castro, "REACTION: FOOD ALLERGY ICONOGRAPHY" (SCA, Advisor: Prof. Jean Dahlgren)
  • Cheryce Harvey, "Can bats be saved? : Investigation of the effectiveness of bacteria and fungi in controlling the growth of Geomyces destructans" (RSC, Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Matthews)
  • Elizabeth Knoll, "Reducing expression of RNA interference genes in the mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus" (RSC, Advisor: Dr. Jack Harris)
  • Lauren Schroder, "Carbamate and Organophosphate pesticides: The effect on acetylcholinesterase activity in Notropis hudsonius" (RSC, Advisor: Prof. Toby Michelena)
  • Jessy Willette, "Lost Boys of Sudan: A Study of Identity and Cultural Difference in Christopher Quinn's God Grew Tired of Us," (RSC, Advisor: Dr. Tonya Moutray)