CTL Faculty

The Center for Teaching and Learning is directed by two faculty members, one from each of the colleges at TSC, nominated by academic deans and approved by the Provost. Representatives serve for one year, and may be reappointed. These representatives are responsible for ensuring that the CTL is a “grass roots” initiative that represents broadly and comprehensively the needs of the faculty and the institution with regard to teaching.  In identifying faculty needs, representatives are to collaborate with governance committees that specifically include Faculty Development and Instructional Technologies, institutional bodies such as SageOnline and the Sage Research Institute, and ad hoc workgroups working to improve instruction and the student experience.

Faculty Biographies

Deb LawrenceDeb Lawrence and Tina Mancuso are Associate Professors of Mathematics at Sage, working at Sage for 19 and 27 years, respectively. Beginning in the fall of 2012, they were appointed as co-directors of the newly-formed Center for Teaching and Learning. They have worked successfully as a team together in the past on multiple grant-funded programs, including the privately-funded Girls Excited about Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (GE2McS) and NSF-funded Scholarships in Mathematics, Engineering and the Sciences (SIMETS).

Tina's primary interest is in the area of instructional technology, with significant experience in incorporating a Learning Management System in her courses.  Deb's focus has been on the scholarship of teaching and learning, with recent focus on flipping the classroom.  They are both excited this opportunity to expand their roles at Sage in this way.