Women's Studies Minor Requirements

WLD 120 Women in the World 3
WST 405 Forum in Women's Studies 3
Select four of the following electives 12
WST 104 Introduction to Women's Studies
WST 206 Sociology of Family
WST 207 Cultural Perspectives of Health, Disease & Wellness
WST 208 Race and Ethnic Relations
WST 209 Gender and Sexuality
WST 213 Women in Traditional Western Society
WST 214 Women in Revolutionary Society
WST 215 US Latino/Latina Literature
WST 221 Women in Criminal Justice
WST 222 Women, Health and the Body
WST 223 Women in Politics and Government
WST 232 Oral History: Voices of the Past
WST 244 Fairy Tale: Understanding Metaphor
WST 250 Women's Literature
WST 305 Women in Developing Countries
WST 306 Women's Sexuality and Global Change
WST 310 Victims and Their Experiences
WST 312 Ethics and Social Responsibility
WST 318 Women and Work
WST 319 Women and the Law
WST 321 Psychology of Women
WST 323 Women, Children, and War
WST 332 Conflict Management and Mediation
WST 333 Class, Power, Privilege
WST 336 Social Audit
WST 347 Images of Women in Film
WST 348 Topics in Women's Studies
WST 351 Women in the African Experience
WST 400 Independent Study
WST 448 Special Topics in Social Responsibility
Total 18

Courses chosen must include work in at least two different academic disciplines. See the catalog for details regarding course selection. Not all electives are offered every semester.