Services for Guests with Disabilities

The Sage Colleges it committed to providing the best possible experience at Commencement for family and friends. Guests attending Commencement who have special needs due to a documented disability simply need to contact the Russell Sage College Student Life Office at 518-244-2207 for accommodations.

Handicapped parking, seating, and wheelchair rental

Handicapped Parking
Handicapped Parking will be available in the RPI Field House Parking lot . No special Sage College pass is needed; eligible persons include those with a state issued handicapped license plate or handicapped placard. The license plate must be properly displayed on the vehicle or the placard hung from the rear view mirror and easily visible to the parking attendants when approaching campus and when parking on campus.

Handicapped Seating
Handicapped Seating will be available in the RPI Field House for eligible persons by contacting the Student Life Office. The Student Life Office will provide requested designated seating for the handicapped person and for additional guests. Floor level seating is available to all handicapped individuals, however, it is recommended that prior arrangements would be beneficial to ensure seating as without prior notification it will be based on a first come, first serve basis. Handicapped seating arrangements must be made in advance to ensure requested seating locations. Please contact Student Life Office.

Wheelchair Rental
Guests can set up wheelchair rental directly through any of the medical supply companies. Payment, pickup and drop off should be arranged well in advance of Commencement Weekend to ensure availability as there are many local college and university commencements held the same weekend. The college is not equipped to provide wheelchairs.