Sage Engaged in the Community

Presented here are highlights of Sage's increasing engagement in the community, as we seek to forge and leverage mutually beneficial relationships with community organizations.


[Victorian Stroll]

Shown participating in the annual Troy Victorian Stroll are Allan Stern, and The Sage Colleges President Susan Scrimshaw joined by Troy Mayor, Lou Rosamilia and his wife, Peg. President Scrimshaw is outfitted in Victorian period clothing that was created by her daughter. 


By creating strategic partnerships, The Sage Colleges seeks to build relationships and a collaborative network of organizations and events that benefit from a shared vision and shared commitment.

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Following are some examples of our recent partnerships:

CDPHP Nutrition Lecture Series 


The Annual Underground Railroad History Conference

The Academy for Character Education

Troy Victorian Stroll

Veterans Week

The Rensselaer County Historical Society

NYS Governor's Office Traffic Safety Committee   

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[Troy Flag Day Parade 2012] Members of the Sage community march in the Troy Flag Day Parade, June 2012

[Sage Engaged 2011] Sage President Susan Scrimshaw, Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings and members of the Sage community provide community service by sprucing up local parks

Members of the Sage family - students, faculty and staff - have a long tradition of community service and are committed to offering their help to the local, national and global community. Following are some examples of recent community service offered by members of the Sage community.

Miss Representation

The Esteves School of Education Community Outreach

NYS Neighborhood Revitalization Conference 

Annual Hidden Garden Tour 

The Historic Visits of President Obama with Live Commentary by Sage's Dr. Steven Leibo

Sage Goes Tobacco Free 

Habitat for Humanity

Troy Farmers' Market 

Tech Valley High School

DPT Community Outreach 

Troy Boys and Girls Club

Sage Goes Tobacco-Free 

24 Hours of Climate Reality 


INVEST's Paper Battery Wins NYSERDA Award

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[Sage Engaged Troy 2010]

Sage Community Service Projects 

You will often find members of the Sage community out and about in the community at festivals, job fairs, walks, charity events, and numerous educational and celebratory gatherings. Look for our table or booth staffed by smiling Sage faces eager to share the good news at Sage! Some recent examples include:

African American Family Festival

Alzheimer's Association Annual Conference for Caregivers

Autism Society of America Annual Benefit Gala

Hispanic Heritage Day

Women's Health Expo

YMCA Black and Latino Awards

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