President Scrimshaw Reflects on Helping Haiti

Help for Haiti - President Scrimshaw Offers Her Unique Perspective

Following the horrific earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, Sage President Susan Scrimshaw was interviewed by 4 local television stations: WNYT NewsChannel 13, WRGB CBS6, WXXA FOX23 News, and Time Warner Cable's Capital News 9.

President Scrimshaw shared her expertise as a public health expert as well as her experiences with disaster relief in third world countries. She called upon Capital Region residents to reach out with a compassionate heart to the local Haitian community who are struggling with the horrific task of trying to ascertain whether or not their loved ones are alive and who are challenged with rebuilding their shattered country.

Dr. Scrimshaw has worked and lived in small villages in Haiti, as well as participated in earthquake relief efforts in Guatemala after having lived through the massive quake in '76. She is all too familiar with the urgent and immediate needs to reach survivors, for food, water, shelter and medical attention. She also discussed the threat of malnutrition and the devastating psychological effects of living with the terror of aftershocks.

Sage will be spearheading relief efforts through our website to support other humanitarian outreach efforts. Trying to grapple with the reality of losing everything - the basic necessities to sustain life, hospitals, government, and all semblance of normalcy - are incomprehensible for most of us and especially tragic to the Haitian community who had so little to begin with. Dr. Scrimshaw encouraged people to reach out and support members of the global community and to make donations to a charity of their choice as we all try to address the realities of this incredible loss.