Tech Valley High School

Tech Valley High School 

Sage's Tim Madden (r) works with TVHS student Jesse Hunziker

Through Sage’s partnership with Tech Valley High School, students receive tutoring and mentorship opportunities from Sage’s work study students to reinforce the skills necessary to be successful in college and in the workforce.

This innovative program was conceived and implemented by TVHS teacher Jen Hower and Andrea Pike, library commons specialist, at The Sage Colleges.  Both schools have benefited through this unique partnership which pairs Sage students in a work-study program with TVHS students in need of some academic assistance.  Plans are underway to expand the program for the upcoming school year.     

Tech Valley High School, located at the University at Albany’s East Campus in Rensselaer, was created in 2007 with a strong emphasis on math, science and technology. 

During the current school year, approximately 125 students attend TVHS. As it grows, an estimated 40 students are expected to join the school each year. This allows students to receive individualized attention, yet work collaboratively with their peers.

TVHS students receive a well-rounded education that includes art, foreign language and physical education in addition to our core subjects. Students graduate Tech Valley High School having met and/or exceeded requirements for a New York State Regents and/or an Advanced Regents Diploma. Many students also take courses that qualify them for college credits.

Technology plays an important role in every student’s education.
As the name suggests, the use of technology provides an important role in student learning on a day-to-day basis at TVHS. Students learn with - and from - technology, whether it’s producing a video or completing an online project with their peers while at home after-school. Each student is provided with a computer and network access.

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Attention Work Study Students:

Looking for extra hours?

Interested in community outreach or professional development experience for your resume?

Interested in tutoring high school grades 9 -12 in any of these courses:

  • Math (Pre-calculus, Algebra)
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Writing & Reading
  • Global Studies (History)

Do you have transportation to Tech Valley High School?  (located on Route 9 in Rensselaer in the University at Albany Nanotechnology campus (

Then Sage needs  you!

Positions are paid, look great on a resume and only requires an hour or two a week! 

Interested? Please contact Andrea Pike for additional information or to sign up:  [email protected]