Sage Goes Tobacco-Free

Sage to Go Tobacco-Free January 1, 2012

Tobacco free press conference
Mark Sullivan, president of The College of Saint Rose and Susan Scrimshaw, president of The Sage Colleges, announce that both colleges will go tobacco-free January 1, 2012 

The Sage Colleges is proud to announce that Sage will become a tobacco-free community effective January 1, 2012.  This policy covers cigarettes and tobacco products of any kind and applies to all members of the Sage community including students, faculty, staff, tenants, and administrators, as well as visitors to the Sage campuses.      

Tobacco free press conference

(l to r) Alvaro Carrascal (ACS), Susan Scrimshaw, Diana Martin (ACS), and Mark Sullivan at the American Cancer Society press event held at Hope House November 16, ,2011. 

The Sage Colleges is committed to promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle not only for its students, employees and visitors, but for the greater community as well.  Launching a tobacco-free initiative sends a strong message that we as educators and wellness advocates believe that smoking  and the use of tobacco products are not only harmful to those who use them, but also to those who are involuntarily exposed to secondhand smoke. 

Tobacco free press conference 

President Scrimshaw acknowledges that, “Sage is a renowned institutional leader in the health sciences and a staunch advocate for healthy living.  Becoming tobacco-free underscores our commitment to the promotion of wellness and healthier environments in which to study, work and live.“

According to the American Cancer Society, cigarette smoking has been identified as the most important source of preventable disease and illness and premature mortality worldwide. It is our hope the adoption of these standards will encourage Sage students, employees and visitors to reduce or eliminate their use of tobacco and to better protect non-smokers from unwelcome exposure to secondhand smoke.

Tobacco free press conference 

The majority of smokers report a strong desire to stop smoking but have been unsuccessful in their efforts. To support those who are eager to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Sage is partnering with Seton Health to offer smoking cessation programs.

Details about the tobacco-free policy, enforcement, and smoking cessation programs are available at: