Endowment Fund

          gifts of lifetime and legacy impact


The Sage Colleges' endowed funds support scholarship, fellowships, facilities renovation and maintenance, and outstanding faculty while providing a solid financial footing for the institution.

Sage accepts gifts of any size to its unrestricted general endowment fund or as additions to the existing restricted endowments.

Endowments can be funded through current donations or deferred gifts. The minimum gift for the establishment of a general endowment fund is $25,000 and the minimum for an endowed scholarship fund is $50,000.  A payment plan to endow a fund may be established for up to five years and may include estate planning.

Income from new funds is awarded one year after the date of fully endowing the fund. The Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees sets a spendable amount based on a three-year moving average of the history of the fund.  Yield above this amount remains in the endowment to protect against inflation and is reflected in the market value.




Level to Create

Named General Endowment Fund

Unrestricted support to advance the mission of The Sage Colleges


Named Scholarship Fund

Scholarships support tuition

May designate college and school


Named Campus Enhancement

Supports new and existing building and grounds maintenance, new equipment and repair

May designate college and school


Named Scholarship, Research or Lecture Fund in Specified Area

Scholarships support tuition and other educational expenses

Research supports faculty, graduate and undergraduate research projects

Lectures support lectures, seminars, and workshop

May designate college, school and major


Named Resource Fund

Supports new technology and equipment for a program of study

May designate college, school and major


Named Faculty Fellowship

Salary support, research and travel stipend

May designate college, school and major


Named Professorship

Salary support, research and travel stipend

May designate college, school and major

$ 500,000

Named Chair or Distinguished Visiting Professor

Salary support, research/travel stipend, other professional expenses

May designate college, school and major



A fund may be named in honor of family members, businesses or to memorialize a loved one.


ENDOWMENTS help Sage plan strategically for the future.  Endowed gifts go directly to support the purpose for which the fund was established without spending the original gift amount.  Donors are assured the college mission benefits in perpetuity.


Sage will gladly work with you to plan your endowment giving.

Gifts may be given in cash, securities, and/or estate planning.

For information on making an endowed gift:


Shelly Calabrese, Senior Leadership Gift Officer

(518) 244-2442    calabs@sage.edu


Sharon Shepard-Ballen, CFRE, Leadership Gift Officer

(518) 244-2442    shepas@sage.edu


Shelly Goldman Black, Director of Stewardship

(518) 244-2393    goldms@sage.edu