Giving Securities or Stock to The Sage Colleges

Securities Held by the Donor’s Bank or Broker:

Instruct your bank or broker, in writing, to transfer the securities you wish to give to:

Broker: Bridget Ball-Shaw, Vice President
Pinnacle Investments, LLC
125 Wolf Road Suite 406
Albany, NY 12205

Phone (518) 514-1800 ext. 252
Fax (518) 514-1085

DTC Number: 0141 (First Clearing Corp)
Account Name: The Sage Colleges
Account Number: 2184-2922

Include in this letter of intent: the name of donor, the name of the security(ies), the number of shares transferred, the exact date of transfer, the broker and company the donor used, and the purpose of the gift. A copy of this letter must be sent via mail, fax or e-mail to:

Robin Dickinson-Sawyer
Director of Advancement Resources

The Sage Colleges
65 1st Street
Troy, NY 12180

Phone: (518) 244-2478
Fax: (518) 244-6871

Securities Held by the Donor:

Send unendorsed certificates, by mail, along with a letter of intent that includes your name, address, and purpose of the gift to Robin Dickinson-Sawyer at the above address. The letter of intent should be signed by ALL of those whose names appear on the stock certificate.

Under separate cover, mail to the same address a stock power, executed in blank for each security, along with a copy of your letter of intent.

Mutual Funds:

Please note that mutual funds require specific accounts to be set up before transfer, which may add additional time. If you are transferring mutual funds, please discuss this timeframe with your broker.

Gift Valuation:

Your gift is considered to have been made on the date securities pass unconditionally from your control. The value of the gift is the average of the high and low quotations on the date the gift is made. The Sage Colleges will notify you of the valuation of your gift.

If you have questions about gifts of securities, please contact Robin Dickinson-Sawyer at 244-2478 or Donors should consult their own attorneys for tax advice about specific gifts.