Report of Appreciation

Your financial support ensures that Sage will continue to exceed students needs and expand their horizons.

Sage is grateful to the alumni and friends who ensure the success of Sage students and the success of The Sage Colleges through gifts, pledges, grants and bequests.

2012-2013 Report of Appreciation

The 2012-2013 Report of Appreciation lists gifts made to the Colleges between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

3,686 donors gave more than $12 million to The Sage Colleges in gifts, grants and bequests. The fruit of this generosity is visible everywhere, from new students who are able to attend Sage thanks to donor-supported financial aid, to new spaces for learning and novel approaches to teaching.

Alumni and friends collectively gave $1.23 million to the Sage Fund for Excellence, marking the fourth consecutive year that the annual fund has surpassed $1 million.

Sage applauds and thanks these alumni and friends who have elected "TO BE" someone who makes a difference to our mission.

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