Giving Societies

Freddie Slingerland Club $10,000

President's Society -
$1,000 & up

For more information on Sage's President's Society, please click here.

Elmer Schacht Club $7,500
Rathbone Club $5,000
Hazel Bode Club $2,500
M. Olivia Slocum Sage Club $1,000
Eliza Kellas Club $750 Green & White Society -
$250 & up
Grace Van Dervoort Club $500
Doris Crockett Davie Club $250
Helen McKinstry Club $150 Gator Society -
$50 & up
Sage Donor Club $50


1916 Giving Society

In recognition of this important commitment, the 1916 Society honors alumni giving to the Sage Fund for Excellence with various years of loyalty — from our third year donors, who are just beginning their lifelong commitment to annual giving, to those who have given to Sage for 20 or more years. Learn more about the 1916 Giving Society here.