Evident Technologies

Evident TechnologiesSince its founding in 2000, Evident Technologies has focused on revenue-generating products based on semiconductor nanocrystal technology and over the years, we have become the world leader in commercializing products from these nanomaterials.

Using our core technology, semiconductor nanocrystals (also known as quantum dots), we have launched a series of products across a variety of markets.  First, Evident developed a catalog of material products followed by biotechnology, military, and LED products respectively and after licensing several of these product lines, Evident is now focusing on developing a thermoelectric material to be used in various thermoelectric devices.  A thermoelectric device converts a temperature difference into an electrical current and as the best thermoelectric materials have traditionally been semiconductors, researching the use of quantum dots in this capacity made sense.  We have recently developed a nano-semiconductor based ink that can greatly increase efficiency at the same time lowering the cost to produce thermoelectric devices. In doing so, we enable new applications of thermoelectric devices in a time when energy conservation is a major industrial focus.