The Paper Battery Company

Paper Battery CompanyAs technology shrinks and becomes more widespread in our lives, energy storage must also follow this trend. The future of ubiquitous energy storage, available at the site of use, embedded in everyday structures, is being developed by the Paper Battery Company. The PowerWrapperâ„¢ is a print formed, flexible energy storage sheet with supercapacitor technology and long cycle life that makes it possible to scale energy storage in everyday structures with a vanishing footprint.

Harvesting, storing and delivering power pulses close to the site of use will enable new applications, by replacing passive structural elements with load-bearing, energy storing structures and result in safer, smaller batteries. Sold as building material sheets, large scale networks of buildings for scalable energy storage without a footprint, important in providing energy storage in densely populated urban areas.

The company has developed a portfolio of its own patents and has an exclusive license to the original patent filed by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). The company has also received funding from NYSERDA towards prototype development.