Therion International

Therion InternationalTherion International, LLC is a DNA testing service laboratory specializing in non-human animal species.

For the past twenty years Therion (and its predecessor company Therion Corporation) have been worldwide leaders in providing quality DNA testing services as well as in developing novel DNA based techniques to address questions of animal identity. Included among our market areas are animal forensics, pet and domestic animal registries, genetic monitoring of laboratory animals used in biomedical research and seafood quality assurance testing. (Please note that Therion never has any animals on site.)

Present clients include Rockefeller University, GlaxoSmithKline, the Australian Shepherd (dog) Club of America, Hunter College, the NYS Pathologist’s Office and the Vermont Dept. of Fish and Game.

The scientific staff of Therion is expert in numerous DNA-based technologies including DNA profile testing, DNA amplification (PCR), Real Time PCR and DNA sequencing. Therion is recognized as an expert in DNA testing by the courts and federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Therion frequently receives referral projects from these agencies.

During the past four years the founders of Therion, Dr. Nancy Casna and William F. Gergits have served as adjunct professors to Russell Sage College having provided lectures and laboratory sessions for a course in forensic science (Chemistry 340). In addition, Therion has previously taken on two students from Russell Sage as interns who were both subsequently hired as employees.

Last year Casna and Gergits expanded their involvement in Chemistry 340 - teaching ten lecture and five laboratory periods. Because of their pending use of the laboratory space at Russell Sage it will be much easier for Therion to take on students for research projects and as interns.

As the company recovers from the recent economic downturn Therion hopes to employ Sage graduates in the future. Furthermore, Casna and Gergits have each spent >20 years developing, providing and marketing DNA technologies and therefore have scores of contacts in the field at commercial, government and university-based DNA laboratories and research facilities. Their network of associates could be extremely valuable to help place deserving students in jobs/graduate schools after graduation from Russell Sage College