Esteves Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hart Hall

Esteves Center for Innovation and EntrepreneurshipLocated on the third floor of Hart Hall and conveniently across from the laboratory facility, the CIE will provide an additional and attractive incubator office space. This space can be utilized for a range of business ventures from additional support for the wet-chemistry lab facility to IT, non-tech businesses and micro-enterprises having standard office needs.

In addition to available office space, the CIE will also serve as the location for the office of the Director and Academic Liaison for INVEST, as well as the Student Entrepreneur Society and the INVEST Wall of Fame.

The Student Entrepreneur Society (SES) will hold regular meetings and plan events centered on entrepreneurial leadership and innovation. Events envisioned include hosting guest speakers and/or an "Entrepreneur in Residence" representing entrepreneurial alumnae and business leaders from the Capital District and beyond. Outreach might include an on-campus call for invention or a business plan competition to activities for local high schools, etc.   

The INVEST Wall of Fame will highlight entrepreneurial vision and those who have made a significant impact on the project.