John Paine Lab Facility

John Paine Lab 

INVEST Chemistry Labs

Occupying the John Paine Building, the INVEST laboratory facility provides 8,801 sq. ft. of combined wet-chemistry lab and office space, is directly connected via an atrium to Mueller Science Hall (MSH) which facilitates student, staff and faculty exchange for internships and projects.

As the cornerstone for the project the facility provides fully operational wet-chemistry labs for early, middle and late start-up phase companies based in the chemical and related nano-scale sciences. Examples include, but are not limited to, chemistry, materials and nanotechnology, biochemistry and biotechnology, pharmaceutical, etc.

The facility also has office space that may be used in support of the labs or other business ventures ranging from IT to light manufacturing. Enriched opportunities for faculty and students are expected to emerge from the success of this core facility and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship directly across the street.