INVEST Intern Contributes to New Web App Making Big Splash for NYC Nightlife

September 14, 2011 at 1:53 pm

In less then a year, Gabriella Spain (SCA 2011, a web development major), who was selected for an internship through INVEST at Russell Sage College during the Spring 2011 semester has experienced technical and professional growth, as well as career opportunities blossoming before her eyes. What she didn’t know when she started was that her efforts would eventually impact the quality of nightlife in NYC!

Gabriella works at Greane Tree Technology, a fast-growing software development firm located at the Esteves Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Sage's Troy campus.

Greane Tree Technology recently served as the lead developers on a new online order reservation system for nightclubs in the New York City area, a project called has been making a splash in the NYC area, as a brand new online VIP reservation system.

"Gabriella gained valuable real world experience, working first as a web development intern, where she interfaced as a developer and tester on web application projects.  After finishing her internship, Greane Tree Technology hired Gabriella on as an employee where she is gaining further real world experience in her role as web developer and software tester," said Tom Keane, Director and Academic Liaison for INVEST.

"It has been a true pleasure to watch Gabriella grow as a web developer and software tester through her internship experience.  It was very exciting to see her skills grow exponentially, as she took the new skills she was learning in the classroom, into real world applications of her skill set," said Annmarie Lanesey, President of Greane Tree Technology.

 "Working at Greane Tree Technology through INVEST is an amazing opportunity. It has allowed me to gain knowledge and real experience in the field that would have been impossible through college courses alone," said Gabriella.

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