Best Practices in Autism Intervention

Best Practices in Autism Intervention

The Sage Colleges is pleased to present the third annual Autism conference to the local community. The theme of the 2015 conference is The Forgotten Curriculum: Sexuality and Individuals with ASD.

April 18, 2015
Albany campus
140 New Scotland Ave.
Albany, NY 12208


Dr. Pamela S. WolfeKeynote presentation by Dr. Pamela S. Wolfe, associate professor of special education at The Pennsylvania State University. Learn more about Dr. Wolfe »

Research abounds providing evidence of the difficulty for individuals with ASD in developing and maintaining social relationships. A great deal of time and attention has been giving to social skill curricula yet very little thought has been given to an equally important area of social development that requires focus and instruction, that of socio-sexuality. Historically, individuals with disabilities, including those with ASD, were deemed asexual, perpetual children, and/or uninterested in developing intimate relationships with others. Even though we now deem such stereotypes as unfounded, schools and agencies often neglect to teach individuals with ASD important information related to social and physiologic functions. Without such information, this population faces risks such as abuse, social isolation, and frustration. This session will discuss research related to curricular topics and methodologies for socio-sexuality instruction involving individuals having ASD. To understand current issues and challenges, the session will explore the historical perspective of sexuality education for individuals with disabilities, outline the current state of affairs, delineate future issues, and most importantly, solutions for this critical curricular domain.


8 - 9 am Registration, Breakfast, Vendors
9 - 10:30 am Keynote:  Pamela Wolfe 
The Forgotten Curriculum: Sexuality and Individuals with ASD
10:30 - 10:45 am Vendor break
10:45 am - 12:15 pm

Breakout 1

BCBA: How to Teach Your Old Staff Some New Tricks: Evidence-Based Staff Training Practices (Lori Finn)

Community: The Current Dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis (Cheryl Davis)

Crossover: The State of ABA in NYS:  Current Information about Insurance Laws and Licensure (Dana Reinecke)

12:15 - 1:15 pm Lunch
1:15 - 2:45 pm

Breakout 2

BCBA: An Overview of Self-Control Research in Behavior Analysis (Ben Mauro)

Community: Applying The Master Blueprint: Using ABA Across Disciplines (Cheryl Ostryn)

Community: Trials, triumphs, and transformations: ABA Case Presentations

2:45 - 3:00 pm Vendor break
3:00 - 4:30 pm

Breakout 3

BCBA: All About That Mand, Bout That Mand, No Tacting: Promoting Communication Through Incidental Teaching (Hayley Vininsky)

Community: Providing In-Home Behavioral Supports to Address Challenging Behavior (Brian Healy & Helena Walkowiak)

Talks labeled "BCBA" will be for BCBA CE credit; talks labeled "Community" will be more appropriate for parents, teachers, non-BCBAs; "Crossover" event will be good for both audiences.

2014 Presentations

Sage is offering select presentations from the 2014 conference. All presentations are available as PDF downloads. 

Hayley Vininsky | On the Cutting Edge: Using iPads to Teach Children with ASDs

Janine Pelkofsky | Teaching Functional Life Skills: What are they? How do I teach them? And when do I start?

Mary Caravella | Fad Treatments and ABA

Lori Finn | Safety in Numbers: Making behavioral measurement work for you (and your students/clients)

Keri Spielmann & Cynthia Renner | Applied Behavior Analysis in The Home: Practicality and Considerations

Dana Reinecke & Laura Stolfi | Using Technology to Support Learners at All Levels

The conference was videotaped for access by graduate students who participate in The Sage Colleges' renowned Center for Applied Behavior Analysis programs, which are offered entirely online.