Best Practices in Autism Intervention

Best Practices in Autism Intervention

The Sage Colleges were pleased to present the second annual Autism conference to the local community. The theme of the 2014 conference was Autism Treatment: A Rich History and a Promising Future.


Dr. Bridget A. TaylorKeynote presentation by Dr. Bridget A. Taylor, co-founder and Executive Director of Alpine Learning Group and Senior Clinical Advisor for Rethink. Learn more about Dr. Taylor »

Twenty-six years ago, Ivar Lovaas published his landmark study documenting the benefits of early intensive behavioral intervention for autism. Together with a number of other seminal works, Lovaas’ publication brought about a paradigm shift in the delivery of autism services, and impacted outcomes for an inestimable number of children affected by autism. As is inevitable, the field of applied behavior analysis and autism treatment has evolved in the years since, producing a wide array of applications and procedures to enhance increasingly complex skills of individuals with autism. At core, however, the fundamental principles of behavior analysis endure. This presentation will assess the progressive arc of autism treatment, with an eye toward anticipating how the enduring fundamentals of applied behavior analysis provide not only a connection to an esteemed history, but a path forward into a promising future.


Sage is offering select presentation from the conference. All presentations are available as PDF downloads. 

Hayley Vininsky | On the Cutting Edge: Using iPads to Teach Children with ASDs

Janine Pelkofsky | Teaching Functional Life Skills: What are they? How do I teach them? And when do I start?

Mary Caravella | Fad Treatments and ABA

Lori Finn | Safety in Numbers: Making behavioral measurement work for you (and your students/clients)

Keri Spielmann & Cynthia Renner | Applied Behavior Analysis in The Home: Practicality and Considerations

Dana Reinecke & Laura Stolfi | Using Technology to Support Learners at All Levels

The conference was videotaped for access by graduate students who participate in The Sage Colleges' renowned Center for Applied Behavior Analysis programs, which are offered entirely online.