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Albany Indoor Rock GYM (AIR)

Sign up with Chelsea Weber. You can email her at Money is due in the Student Life office upon signing up. Sage $10 and Guest $15. Bus will leave at 5:30pm in front of the Admin Building and we are able to climb from 6-9pm. Then the bus will return by 9:15pm. You can also drive if that is easier for you.

Date: Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Time: 5:30 pm

Duration: 3 hours, 45 minutes

Location: 4C Vatrano Rd., Albany, NY 12205

Contact: weberc, ACE

For more information, visit:

A.I.R. is the premier indoor rock gym of Albany, NY! Our facility includes an assortment of overhangs, floor-to-ceiling cracks, the option to climb across the ceiling, and wall surface features that give you the closest indoor experience to outdoor climbing, in any weather and right next door! We have walls of all difficulties, routes of all difficulties, and we welcome new routes - just bring a roll of tape and a marker and label your favorite route. All walls are painted with landscapes, sunsets, and wild animals, providing some imaginative eye candy while you climb.

And, for the spelunker in everyone, we have the nation's ONLY indoor cave system! Enter the labyrinth and find your own way out, with many paths to choose from! People 10 years of age & older can spend hours just in the cave, exploring the shadowy depths. The cave includes one tyrolean traverse, across a rope suspended between two openings near the ceiling & a 60 foot zip-line. Some cave features, such as the "stalactite", also serve as ceiling climbing features for the adventurous climber.

More information about the rock gym can be found by using the navigation at the top and bottom of all pages. However, the most important data is right up front (and of course, you are welcome to contact us for any reason, if you have questions!)

If you would like to see what A.I.R. is all about, follow us to the photo gallery where you can see pictures from our on-site location and all our amazing off-site events and programs!