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Edith Craig Reynolds Professorship Presentation : The Role of Philosophy and Spirituality in Our Time

Date: Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Time: 1:00 pm

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Location: Kahl Campus Center - Room 224 - Albany Campus

Contact: Jeffrey K. Soleau, Ph.D. | (518)-292-8614 |

Please join us for a lecture and discussion on the topic: “The Role of Philosophy and Spirituality in Our Time.”  In our 21st century, what is the significance and place of the life of reflection?  In an age often characterized by an outward and material focus, what place is there for inwardness—for “the love of wisdom” and spiritual insight?

Our guest is Prof. Miklos Vetö.  Dr. Vetö is the author of numerous books, chapters, and articles centered on Christian philosophy.  He has written on Simone Weil, Friedrich Schelling, Jonathan Edwards, Immanuel Kant, and Johann Fichte, among others.  In addition to his long and distinguished career as Professor of Philosophy in France, Dr. Vetö has taught at various colleges and universities in the U.S., including Marquette, Yale, Vassar, and Villanova.  He has also taught in the Ivory Coast, Brazil, Hungary, and Canada, and retired as Professor of Philosophy at the University of Poitiers.  Among his many academic distinctions, Prof. Vetö is an External Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Vetö will share his thoughts about the significance of philosophy and spirituality today.

For more information contact:
Jeffrey K. Soleau, Ph.D.
Edith Craig Reynolds Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Sage College of Albany
Sage Colleges
Albany, NY  12208