Sage Launches Discovery Degree - Your Bachelor's in Three

July 2, 2010 at 12:00 pm
By Jamie Tario

Troy, NY -- Russell Sage College welcomes its first cohort of students this fall into the new Discovery Degree program, a unique accelerated and interdisciplinary honors degree format featuring summer sessions spent exploring the Hudson River Valley, testing a career firsthand, or traveling.

Nearly every major offered at Russell Sage - from American Studies to Theatre - can be taken in the Discovery Degree format, if a student meets the honors academic requirements. Tuition for students accepted to the program is set for three years and results in significant savings in tuition, room and board, books, and borrowing costs compared to a traditional four-year education.

Coursework throughout the program is integrated among the disciplines, and students in the program live together for at least the first year and a half of their education.

The interdisciplinary experience continues into the summer after their first year with a 15-credit integrated course called "Sage on the Hudson," which uses the Hudson River as a means to study history, the arts, and social, political, economic and environmental issues. Students will travel from Troy to New York City, test the water, learn about the rise and fall of cities, hear the songs, view the paintings, and read the stories that have made the Hudson famous. Students will complete a project that will then be shared at River Fest.

The summer after the second year is an opportunity for students to do an internship, independent research project, study abroad, or any combination of those adventures.

Students graduate after their third year, and will have saved enough to pay for their first year of graduate school, if they wish to get a head start on an advanced degree. Discovery Degree recipients can link seamlessly with Sage graduate programs in education, health sciences or management.

To learn more about the Discovery Degree program, contact Admission at (518) 244-2217 or