Impressive Research and Projects Presented at Year End Symposia

April 28, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Albany & Troy, NY - The Sage Colleges are proud to announce a series of symposia May 1-3 highlighting the best and brightest works by students of Russell Sage College, Sage College of Albany and the Sage Graduate Schools.

Sage Graduate Schools Research Symposium

Saturday, May 1
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Bush Memorial Hall & Buchman Pavilion
Troy Campus (Russell Sage College)

On Saturday, May 1, The Sage Colleges will host the 18th Sage Graduate Schools Research Symposium. Students and faculty will share their semester long research projects through posters, panel discussions, debates and individual presentations.

The presentations of the Broughton Fellows will be featured during the Symposium. The Broughton Fellowship was established at Sage Graduate Schools in 1982 by the late Mr. William Broughton in honor of his parents. The Fellowship, through a competitive application process, provides funds to assist Broughton Fellows in conducting their research.

For a complete list of presentations, please visit:

Spring Symposium of Works in Progress

Saturday, May 1
1 - 3:30 p.m.
Gurley Hall & Buchman Pavilion
Troy Campus (Russell Sage College)

On Saturday, May 1, work from all disciplines at both undergraduate colleges Russell Sage College and Sage College of Albany will be showcased in many formats.

WORLD Conference

Monday, May 3
9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Bush Memorial Hall and Buchman Pavilion
Troy Campus (Russell Sage College)

On Monday, May 3, Russell Sage College students will share examples of how they have become Women Owning Responsibility for Learning and Doing (hence the acronym WORLD). Student presentations focus on global topics, including human rights, social justice and womens issues. WORLD students will display their work, perform demonstrations and give oral presentations. Students who spent the semester working on an academic service learning change project will present an overview of their topic, background on their community partner and specifics about their action.

The WORLD program is designed to provide students with a global perspective and instills respect for diversity while tacking the challenges facing women in the world. The purpose of this program is for students to be able to place themselves as women within local and global societies so that they can analyze the need for change and develop the skills and reflection to make and adapt to change.

For more information on the WORLD program, please visit:

i.Think Symposium

Monday, May 1
12 - 3 p.m.
Kahl Campus Center, Room 224
Albany Campus (Sage College of Albany)

On Monday, May 3, Sage College of Albany will host the inaugural i.Think Symposium. Three teams of students from this years i.Think classes will present their research and investigations at the symposium. Those in attendance will vote on each team project and a winner will be selected.

The i.Think program, short for Innovation Thinking, is designed to encourage collaborative, team-based approaches to creative problem solving. i.Think provides students with critical thinking experience, leadership and negotiation skills and encourages students to become a more involved and productive member of their community.

The SCA curriculum is distinguished by the Innovation Thinking core curriculum which spans the students four years, and the ability to begin studying in their major their first year, thus combining exposure to the liberal arts and sciences with study in the specific major.

For more information on the i.Think program, please visit:

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Jamie Tario, Media Manager
The Sage Colleges
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