Sage Professor Jean Dahlgren Invited to Teach in Turkey

January 27, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Professor Jean Dahlgren will be heading to Turkey this March to teach a workshop on design and page layout at prestigious Robert College in Istanbul, Turkey.

Robert College, a private college preparatory school, is one of the most prestigious schools in Turkey. Professor Dahlgren will be working both instructors and students at the school, teaching them page layout software and design fundamentals for publications. Jean was invited by Robert College instructor Alex Downs, with whom she worked last summer on curriculum design for a graphics course he teaches there.

Founded in 1863 by two Americans, philanthropist Christopher Rhinelander Robert and Cyrus Hamlin, to offer an "American style" education under the Ottoman Empire, Robert College has been in operation longer than any other American-sponsored school outside the United States. The school and its sister institution, The American College for Girls have over the years educated many of Turkey's leading citizens since the Republic was founded in 1923, including two Prime Ministers, many cabinet-level ministers, ambassadors, and leaders in medicine, law, business and the arts.