Sage ALLIES: A Safe Zone Program

November 16, 2010 at 12:11 am

Albany, NY – The Sage Colleges are proud to announce a new initiative, designed to create a “Safe Zone” for students who may be harassed or tormented by their peers. October is National Anti-Bullying Month and Sage is committed to heightening awareness about this serious epidemic.

The mission of Sage’s ALLIES program is to Advocate for, Listen to, Learn with, Include, Empower and Support. Members of the Sage community will undergo training, so that they may serve as a resource for not only lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students, but anyone in need of support. Through education, engagement and dialogue, Sage will provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students. 

“Creating an inclusive environment needs to be the focus of every member of our community,” said Vincent Porfirio, assistant dean of students. “Sage ALLIES are dedicated to eliminating discrimination, harassment and bullying. This Sage-wide initiative could not be timelier.”

Porfirio and U-Albany’s Director of Disability Resources Center Nancy Belowich-Negron will lead the educational sessions. Belowich-Negron developed the program. Porfirio has been involved in a variety of similar initiatives, most recently this summer as a Campus Pride Leadership Faculty Member at the National LGBT Leadership Camp, which provided training on how to develop strong leaders in our colleges and ways to make campuses more LGBT-friendly. 

Sage is also home to SPECTRUMS, which is open to all students and provides LGBT members of the Sage Community with an opportunity to share information and ideas with one another. SPECTRUMS promotes education, tolerance, and understanding of LGBT issues in our society.

If you would like more information on Sage ALLIES or SPECTRUMS, please contact Vin Porfirio:

(518) 292 – 1753