Sage's Dr. Leibo to be Featured on The Saint Feb. 26

February 24, 2011 at 4:36 pm

Sage professor Dr. Steven Leibo to be interviewed on The Capital Green Scene scheduled to air on The Saint, WVCR-FM 88.3 on Saturday, February 26, at 11:00a.m. 

A professor of international history and politics, Dr. Leibo will be interviewed by Brain Nearing, host of The Capital Green Scene and a reporter at the Times UnionThe Capital Green Scene is a local weekly half hour radio program that deals with environmental and energy issues.  Leibo, a former Fulbright scholar, will be discussing his upcoming talk dealing with the latest climate challenges. 

“Saving Civilization: The Fight Against Devastating Climate Change"

A Talk by Dr. Steven A. Leibo

Thursday, March 31

The Sage Colleges
Bush Memorial Hall
Troy Campus
7:30 pm

Caught between the trauma of the economic crash of 2008 and short term challenges from revolutions in the Mideast to the impending presidential campaign of 2012, Americans seem to have forgotten that infinitely more existential challenge  that threatens our very existence as a community; the emerging climate crisis caused by humanity’s having accidentally upset the heat balance of the entire earth.

Dr. Leibo will update the audience on the science of man made climate change, the already emerging catastrophes associated with that destabilization, from devastating storms to crop failures, and offer a “score cord” on the likelihood of humanity successfully navigating our way through this challenge.  

Talk sponsored by the Sage Department of History & Society & The Sage Climate Crisis Center. 

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Professor Leibo has been international affairs commentator for WAMC Northeast Public Radio Since 1997 and serves as the district manager for Upstate New York & Vermont for the Climate Project. Leibo was among those personally trained by former Vice President Al Gore to give updated versions of the Climate Crisis slide show from the Academy Award winning film, The Inconvenient Truth.