Sage Announces No Tuition Increase for Both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

April 11, 2012 at 3:38 pm

Albany & Troy, NY – Sage is pleased to announce that for the third consecutive academic year, undergraduate tuition will remain flat. Now that zero percent increase is extending to graduate-level programs beginning in Fall 2012.

This move holds full-time undergraduate tuition at $27,000 for students at the coeducational Sage College of Albany and Russell Sage College for women in Troy, both of which continue to see enrollment growth. The Esteves School of Education, School of Management and School of Health Sciences masters programs costs will remain the same.

“Our continued – and expanded – tuition freeze program is the most visible of our efforts to make a quality private education affordable,” said Dan Lundquist, vice president for Marketing and Enrollment Management. “Sage is committed to sustained affordability and assuring our students’ persistence to graduation.”

In addition to the tuition freezes, the institutional grant budget has increased by 12 percent to insure new and returning students can afford Sage. Accelerated options provide students the opportunity to fast-track entry to graduate school and, through Russell Sage’s Discovery Degree, some can earn a bachelor’s degree in three years, saving time and money while advancing career and education.

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