Chinese University Delegation Visits Sage

May 3, 2012 at 10:44 am

TROY, NY – Sage is proud to host six delegates from Tianshui Normal University in the Ganzu Provence, Peoples Republic of China on May 3-4, 2012. Their visit builds on a recent exchange agreement between The Sage Colleges and Tianshui Normal signed in June 2011 allowing both undergraduate and graduate students to study at Sage.

Tianshiu Normal University President Songqi Du is accompanied by his colleagues, Director Wang Yongguo, Director Jiang Bingsheng, Director Li Yaochun, Director Yan Zhen and Director Yang Sheng. While visiting Sage, the guests will tour both the Russell Sage College and Sage College of Albany campuses and will meet with President Susan Scrimshaw, Provost Terry Weiner, Dean of the School of Management Daniel Robeson and a number of faculty members.

Robeson travels to China frequently for recruiting purposes and has spent years working to promote Sage abroad and increase relations with China. He hopes to see more students choose Sage and encourages candidates in Sage’s management program to visit China as part of their studies.

Tianshui Normal University is located in Tianshui City, a small city on the south bank of the Yangtze River in western China. Known for its rich history and culture, Tianshui City also has a thriving commercial and agricultural trade.