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October 2012 (October 15, 2012)

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October 3, 2012

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1939                                                                                                                  Polly "Pauline" Soper Minehan
671 Lakeside Circle #323
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
[email protected]

I have not heard from any of you recently. So there is not any new information to pass on to the remainder of our class.

I still think a lot about Libby Porter, the leader of the great class of 1940, who passed away on January 9, 2012. She is missed by all of us. I remember having a good visit with her during our 70th Reunion in 2010. She had a big smile on her face as we rode in the golf cart with the big yellow 1940 sign on the front at the head of the parade of classes.

Elizabeth "Betty" Cummings
6 Church Street
West Boylston, MA 01583-1603
[email protected]

Received a note from Polly Minehan ’39 about the passing of Virginia Holt Fitzgibbons. We would like to send our deepest sympathy to her family.

Eleanor Jordan Mason
6 Sunrise Drive
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
[email protected]

Muriel L. Wilhelm
78 Sproul Hill Road
Bristol, ME 04539-3211

Muriel Van Zandt Lichtenwalner
350 Main Street
East Greenville, PA 18041-1302
[email protected]

Please send updates to [email protected] 

Ann Heddens Kingston is bravely battling physical problems, with X-rays, ultrasound and the lot. On the upside, she seems to be improving. Let’s hope for a complete cure. Meanwhile her 20-year-old grandson graduated from the University of Colorado, her granddaughter just married a nice guy who is managing her singing career and the rest of the family is doing well.

My own granddaughter phoned with the great news that she’s pregnant. She recently received a master’s in public health and her husband got an MBA. My younger granddaughter is getting a master’s in culinary writing and helps run a small restaurant bar. I’m lucky to see my daughter and her husband frequently. Still dancing. And you? Do let me know the latest!

Vera Cohen Lee
15 Claremont Street
Newton, MA 02458
[email protected]

Sylvia Saarnijoki
24 Holly House Court #4A
Litchfield, CT 06759-3640
[email protected]

Shirley Clapp Southworth ’49 informed us that her sister-in-law, Grace Southworth Bihr,passed away in February in Gloucester, VA after a long illness.If any of Grace’s classmates would like to get in contact with Shirley they may reach her at 17676 Stoney Peak Drive #322, San Diego CA 92128-6430, 858-676-3910 (home phone).

Marjorie Schwartz Lewis has a yearly lunch with Elsie “Chick” Gabor Summit who is going to be a great-grandmother. “And to think I had to get permission to live with her our senior year because Bob was still in the Navy."  Midge is doing some editing and says she's a better editor than she ever was a writer.

Bill and I had a two week visit this summer with family and friends in Vermont. With Bill's Parkinson's travel is a bit dicey, but with family help and wheel chair availability at the airports all went just fine and we had a great time.

Hope your fall is going well and that I'll hear from you next time!

Elizabeth “Jay” Lee Warren
46 West 25th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99203
[email protected]

Jeanne “Randy” Randall Mader’s granddaughter graduated from high school in New Hampshire in June.

Our sympathy goes to the family and friends of Eileen Tinkle Newman, who died in February and Eileen FitzGerald Ramroth who died in March.

Jane Wardwell Roberts
PO Box 151
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447-0151
[email protected]

Joan Mende Reineke and her husband from Canandaigua, NY visited Rose DelNegro Weaver in Silver Spring, MD. They visited the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum, the Udvar-Hazy Space Museum, and the Smithsonian Mu¬seum where Rose is a docent, and attended the Baltimore Symphony. They were very tired, naturally, when leaving for home, but very, very happy, having had a wonderful visit.

Walt and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on June 16. We married in 1951 right after I graduated. Look forward to hearing from you!

Florence “Flossie” Hinkle Frommer
3892 NW 59th Street
Coconut Creek, FL 33073-4109
[email protected]

Our 60th Reunion weekend was a great experience! There were sedentary innovations such as the Reunion Book Club which I thought was wonderful for those of us who may not be up to a walking tour of the campus even though 60 years ago we were able to walk everywhere in Troy. The book, An Almost Perfect Moment, by Binnie Kirshenbaum, gives me an idea for my own book club!

I had the good luck (since I was staying on campus) to have my senior room, the second floor "tower" room in Sage Hall. This is where Ellie Kent Williams and I watched for Don and Dick every Friday night for a brief visit following their stints as cooks at Jean's Beans, a fish fry place. We whisked them out the door as quickly as possible before they contaminated the whole atmosphere of Sage Hall. Second semester the guys secured jobs at RPI that had nothing to do with fish!

Pat Newmark McCue writes that in August, a group of Sage sisters celebrated a reunion hosted by Valerie Ninnis Bundren '54 in Plymouth, MA. A wonderful time for all 21 people who attended.

It is with much sadness that I report the passing of classmate Helen Hathaway Dysinger on May 11. We all send our condolences to her family and friends.

Let me know any news you have, so I can prepare it for our next e-news or Connections!

Mary Ellen Falter Davie
119 Thorncliff Road
Spencerport, NY 14559-2129
[email protected] 

On July 6 I called Ailyn Terada. I received her Christmas card in June with the pictures of her two collies with Santa Claus. Since then, one of her collies died at the age of 13. Ailyn has another collie who is about 8 and two cats who are 17. Ailyn lives in the country and can’t drive because of an eye condition. She has to depend on friends and she says two of her best drivers are now in assisted living themselves. She has a ride to orchestra practice which she can count on. She also manages to get to band rehearsals. This June she had six concerts. She is thinking about moving, but dreads going through all the papers she has collected over the years from her teaching. In May she went back to New York for her high school reunion. Her niece from New Jersey came and took care of the animals while she was gone.

When I emailed Nancy Phillips Wood, she was packing to go to the hospital to have her right knee replaced. She had just gotten the call and had to be at the hospital at 5 am! She said she hadn’t been up that early since their son was an infant. By the time you read this Nancy will be out of rehab and back to her normal self. Her grandson got married last summer. The Woods are expecting their first great-grandson this fall. Nancy and Charles just renewed their passports, as they are hoping to go to visit their grandson next fall when he is serving in Italy. He's currently in Afghanistan for the second time. Their granddaughter started kindergarten!

Doris Rogers Rothman’s summer has been quiet. Because of her back, Doris has trouble getting around. She did manage to get to New Jersey to visit her daughter and spend a week with her grandson who was visiting from California. They took in Six Flags, a water park and a baseball game. In October she will visit her grandson in California.
Rodney Pallang emailed me to tell me that Ana “Josie” Almanza Pallang passed away on April 14. I asked him to send me her obituary so that I could share it with you. Does anyone have any stories to share about Josie?

It is always good to hear from Nan Schmalz Nelson who is living on the west coast. She became a great-grandmother in August. Nan’s grandson and his wife had a baby girl. The family lives 20 minutes from Nan’s retirement home so she gets to see the baby often.
I laughed at Mackie Serata Epstein’s note in response to my email when I mentioned that I had fallen over a large root and had a banged up elbow, sprained my thumb, and cut my other hand. Her advice was to heal fast and to keep my eyes wide open so it wouldn’t happen again. She said she had nothing to share and added, “Could be a good thing at our ages."  I agree.

Audrey DeSmidt Benson just got back from a trip to the beach with her three girls. She planned to attend a shower for her first great-granddaughter the day after she wrote me. In September, she was going to Stockbridge at the lake for a month. Audrey plans to be in Siesta Key for February. Last year we got together, but this winter I am not going to Florida until March. She ended her note by saying another grandson was being married next July.

I can always count on Jean Twiss Riley-Harris to respond to my request for news. The Harris got together with Rosemarie Adinolfi Hamilton and her husband in August. They went up to Montreal for a delightful time -- and a $52 parking ticket! In the city the parking meters are not on the curb, but next to the building. Once you are aware of the idea it makes sense. Unfortunately, they weren’t aware so they had to pay for a ticket. Jean has a granddaughter going to Sage this fall. Jean knew that I had tried to contact Ginny Emmons Wall so she called Ginny’s daughter to see what was up. Ginny has had three operations in the last year. Penny was going to see her mother and told Jean she would report back.

I caught Elsie Hayner Shudt at the end of a busy day. It was Sunday night and she had had company all day. She lives next door to her daughter and family and the kids had been swimming in the pool. She had taken her hearing aids out and had her feet up. This is a difficult time for her because her husband, who had a career as a lawyer, is now in a nursing home. 

Marlene Fulton Merrick, one of the gals who came to Sage our senior year because her college closed, lives on Marco Island year around. Her husband died about 10 years ago and she has a live-in friend. They have a large circle of friends to play cards with and attend other social events. She is in good health thanks to her pacemaker. She has a son in Chicago with step-grandchildren. Her significant other has three sons and four great-grandchildren.

Margit Wolf Lowenstein lives in San Mateo, California in an assisted living facility. She has four children: two sons and two daughters and seven grandchildren. Both daughters live in California. One of her sons is moving to Colorado from Cincinnati and her younger son’s family is in Israel where Margit has visited many times.

I didn’t see Liz Greene Hafler this summer. Got a kick out of her description of her summer though: She kept busy with an age-approved sport of keyboarding, both on the computer and the piano. She also did a lot of reading and mentioned a few books I hadn’t read, one being People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks.

Joan Crummey Firra has more energy than anyone I know. Last week, her three daughters, their children and husbands spent a week at their family-built cabin in New Mexico. Though New Mexico is in a drought, there was enough water in the Rio Grande for whitewater rafting. Her four-year-old grandson was in the bow of the first raft and her seven-year old-granddaughter was in the bow of the second. They got thoroughly drenched, but it was fun. They also hiked the trails that they normally cross country ski. Two of her daughters are on the East Coast and do not get to New Mexico often. This vacation was an opportunity to get together and introduce the grandchildren to their heritage. Joan is still working at her physical therapy clinic and they are very busy. She gives thanks for that. She would like to pass the practice on to her daughter who is also a physical therapist.

A short note from Charlotte Silver Leary said she was sad to see summer drawing to a close. She said the same thing as Mackie. “At this time in our lives perhaps no news is good news!” She mentioned that Florida was iffy again for them this year. She hoped they would make it, because it would be too much to hope for the “easy” winter they experienced last year.

Steve Terry, Jeannette Shirley’s husband called to tell me that Jeannette had died in July. Jeannette didn’t graduate with our class because she married Steve in November 1952. In talking with Steve I found out that Jeannette had polio when she was nine months old. When she was a child, she had to wear a boot until her bones were developed enough for her to have an operation to straighten her ankle and foot. The polio returned and for the last five years of her life she was confined to a wheelchair. The Terrys had two sons. One married and has two girls. In fact, Steve is expecting to be a great-grandfather in the near future. Steve and Jeannette met when he was 17 and she was 15. They would have celebrated their 60th anniversary in November.

Judy Spain Taber is excited about our upcoming Reunion. As time goes by she thinks more and more about the wonderful times she had at Sage with our classmates.Judy still has her hand in the business world with Taber Consulting (A human resources outfit).She does just enough to leave plenty of time to play and travel. She has hung her skates up and now judges ice dancing or ballroom. Occasionally she teaches a course in the local MBA program.Her grandchild has been launched in a criminal justice career.Judy hopes to see any and all who find themselves in Florida during February, as we all gather for lunch and conversation.

I have lost track of Ann Palumbo Toohey - does anyone know her whereabouts?

I received an email form Nancy Wright Anderson’s daughter informing me that her mother died peacefully at her residence on September 1. She and her husband Al were married 60 years and had three children and seven grandchildren. The couple enjoyed competitive sailing and were known for their hospitality and friendship. Nancy was honored by the Gardner Exchange club and received the “Woman of Achievement” award by the Professional Women’s Club for being the first woman to head the Greater Gardner United Way Campaign. Nancy was a talented seamstress and homemaker and an active Russell Sage alumna.

May I remind you all that it will be 60 years since we graduated from Sage in 2013! Remember those little old white haired ladies we used to see on campus at Reunion? Well, we have become them. It is hard to believe, isn’t it?  Mark it on your calendars and think about returning to Sage for Reunion weekend. It is fun.

Patricia Walker Mulholland
1013 Sassafrass Circle
Bloomington, IN 47408
[email protected]

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing Emma Dorothy Menah Nicholson on June 29. I am sure that I will be able to send our deepest sympathy and kind thoughts to her family from the Class of 1954.

Leila Berkowitz Schwartz
1504 Daibes Court
Edgewater NJ 07020
[email protected]

Kay Brooks Blick
40D Forest Drive
Springfield, NJ 07081-1126
[email protected]

Carol Davis Winston
35 Dunbar Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
561 625 5910
[email protected]

E-J Burfeindt and Jack have a retirement project called “Project Pay Forward” involving knitting ski hats for children in their local schools. They made and donated more than 400 last year and hope to do the same this year. Their hope is that someday these children will remember what was done for them and “pay it forward.”

June Simmons Causey and her husband live in Scotia, NY. Their daughter, Catherine, received a master’s degree from Sage in 1994. June retired from Bellevue Women’s Hospital after 18 years as a registered dietician.

Carol Walters Green and Paul are in competition with Ann Wheat and Larry for the most grandchildren (15) and great-grandchildren (6). The Greens have a new second home on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada — their relaxation haven.

Judy Kilby and Gordon live in Clifton Park, NY. Judy has done a pile of volunteer work over the years, most recently as chairman of the “Prime Timers” (seniors from their church). The Kilbys will celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary in June.

Sandy MacKinnon recently purchased a derelict building near her home and has completely renovated it into useful space, now almost all filled by professionals ranging from a psychologist to a massage therapist. The before and after pictures are amazing.

Nancy Myers and Richard also live in Clifton Park after many years in New Jersey. They travel frequently and are busy with their grandchildren.

Adelia Ockerbloom and Nelson enjoy their seasonal home in Fort Ann where they were ensconced during Reunion weekend.

Ann Wheat and Larry have been the principal owners of a gourmet vegan restaurant, Millenium, in San Francisco for 17 years. The restaurant is popular with both vegans and meat-eaters and their chef has published two cookbooks.

Yours truly, Shrimp, continues to enjoy retirement, participating in archaeological digs and laboratory processing of artifacts, fostering cats for the local animal shelter, stag-gering around the tennis court several times a week with other women of our vintage, and relearning bridge — it’s a new game now folks.

Irma Wilhelm
43 Young Road
Augusta, ME 04330
[email protected]

Millicent Clayton Hull
1332 Atterberry Road
Sequim, WA 98382
[email protected]

Dorothy Muller Frost
230 Lake Drive
North Bennington, VT 05257
[email protected]

Diann Allan Billing
46 Mallard Drive
Hackettstown, NJ 07840-2836
[email protected]

Karolyn Wentzel Nealon
3310 Longbow Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235-5135

Peggy Crosby Stotz
1006 Kimberwicke Road
McLean, VA 22102
[email protected]

Jane Shapiro Town recently spent two weeks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Paris. Highlights in Amster¬dam included the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. In Venlo, near the German border, they attended the Floriade International Horticulture Exposition, held in the Netherlands every 10 years with displays by more than 100 exhibitors. Bruges was her favorite destination and although many of the 14th and 15th century buildings and bridges over the canals have been refurbished, it is still magical. Brussels’ central market square, Grand Palace and Royal Museum of Fine Arts deserved even more time than allowed. The trip ended in Paris which is always a treat, but Jane preferred seeing Montmartre and the Louvre in 1962 — on $5 a day! — when she and Kristina Hanson Smith were there!

Linda Nee
10201 Grosvenor Place Apt. 1413
North Bethesda, MD 20852
[email protected]

Sandra Houck Tiedemann
272 Patrice Terrace
Williamsville, NY 14221-3922
[email protected]

Elaine Cohen Freedman
96 Brookline Avenue
Albany NY 12203
[email protected]   

Carolyn Cogan Garter
13657 Whippet Way West
Delray Beach FL 33484-1569
[email protected]   

Time does indeed fly, and our 50th Reunion will soon be here. I hope to see as many Red Devils as possible at this special occasion. So please plan to attend, and in the meanwhile, send me your news so we can all have an idea about what's been going on for the last 50 years!

I am in touch with Gracelee Gratto, Gloria Lester Kadish and Suzanne Patenaude, but I would love to hear from many more. Here's hoping you all are healthy and enjoying family, friends, and rewarding activities.

One year after Irene hit the Schoharie Valley, we have made a good deal of progress rebuilding. The volunteers and contributors of all kinds have been amazing!  We still have much work to do; many homes are either gone or are still uninhabitable, but the town celebrated its 300th anniversary this September.

It is with deep regret that I share the news of the passing of two classmates. Dorothy Ormsby Lee passed away on June 23 and Judith Cantamessa Gencarelli passed away on June 19. I did not know Dorothy well, but those who lived in Sampson House will surely remember Judy's great sense of humor and dry wit.

Sara Derrick Norberg
33 Christian Avenue #122
Concord, NH 03301-6128
[email protected]

Arlene Given Price
5845 State Route 30
Schohaire, NY 12157
[email protected]

This spring, I enjoyed an RSC alumnae function at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Faith Rubin '67 and the Alumnae Association organized this event.

Arlene Vogel Mirer and her husband just returned from a trip to Antarctica, thus seeing all seven continents! At home they are active in the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ. She loves their life in the southwest and doting on their two grandchildren. They plan to travel to India again but not before a trip to Peru to visit Machu Picchu.

Faye Dittleman and David purchased a pied-a-terre on 97th Street and Central Park West. “After a year I still feel as though I am on vacation when I am there because the city has so much to offer,” she said. Faye supervises student teachers getting their master’s in teaching at Columbia Teachers College; is on the board of the library foundation; vice president of the Somers Holocaust Memorial Commission; and a board member of her neighborhood association. Last December they visited the Galapagos, in March they went to France and England and they just returned from South Africa. She met Carol Cooper Kushnir at the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan.

Sydney Pierce retired five years ago and lives in West Virginia, just over the border from Winchester, VA. She didn’t want to get too far from their granddaughter in Bethesda. She hears from Mary Jane Mundipare, who is leaving Florida and relocating to upstate New York.

Marsha Felton volunteers for a non-profit in the San Francisco Bay Area called
MedShare, which distributes surplus medical supplies and equipment in developing countries. “It is extremely rewarding work sorting and boxing supplies, and especially energizing when the 40’ container leaves the loading dock filled with boxes that I have helped pack.” Her daughter is the head women’s swim coach for the University of Texas in Austin and Marsha will visit her in July, on her way to the 1000 Islands where her family has had a summer cottage since 1906.

Ronnye Berg Shamam tells us that between her trustee obligations and the alumnae
Board, she’s in Troy a lot. She adores her house on the Hudson and then there’s her business and life in the City. Recently she visited her Sage Big Sister, Sheila Feld Gordon ’62 in Florida. Since Holly Dorman ’74 was in Boynton Beach, the three of them stayed together for the weekend. They met Laura Warner ’75 for lunch in West Palm Beach. After Reunion, Ronnye entertained nine students from Sage’s Discovery Degree program. She invited two musicians who entertained with Woody and Arlo Guthrie music and stories of the 60s.

I retired two years ago and love it! I enjoy water color painting, reading and my wonderful life in Cambridge. I enjoyed my cruise aboard the Nathaniel Bowditch schooner which sailed out of Rockland, ME. It was like camping on the water and I am glad that I brought my leather sailing gloves.

It is with deep sympathy that I inform you of the passing of Caroline Anker Duhem on June 1. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Shari Taylor Grove
32 Shepard Street #31
Cambridge, MA 02138-1518
[email protected]

Karen Fish Sands’ book, Visionaries Have Wrinkles: Conversations with Wise Women who are Reshaping the Future is on Amazon, B&N etc. You can download a free excerpt at visionarieshavewrinkles.com.

Carolyn NeJaime Jeffrey is planning a special small group departure to Cuba from her travel agency “I can hardly wait,” she said. “Our dad lived there for 11 years and was friendly with Hemingway, and I am fluent in Spanish. Contact me at [email protected]

Jane Sibley is busy selling her spices, coffees and teas at farmers markets and medieval re-enactment events. Visit www.auntiearwenspices.com.

Grace Hilt Mack writes that she frequently visits their home in Yarmouth, MA. “We stay away in the summer because we have it rented by the week [Any interest for 2013, Blue Angels?] but September on Cape Cod is lovely and is our hangout spot. My sister and I are planning a trip next spring to Cuba; a country with such charm and political strife.”

I, Bonita Maxon was busy during May planning a surprise 70th party for my husband. Because it was taking place at our home it was even more difficult to keep it a surprise. Our son and family came from Minnesota and took my husband fishing while the big tent was set up. With over 100 people invited the event went over perfect with weather cooperating. At the end of July I was privileged to be the delegate for the retired teachers in Albany at the American Federation convention in Detroit. This summer was outstanding weather for living on Dyken Pond but my water skiing was limited because of planter fasciitis in my left foot. After over a year of going to two doctors and two different physical therapists, I may consider an operation in the fall. We are now in our RV headed to Prince Edward Island to dig clams, enjoy the fiddle music and go to the International Shellfish Festival.

Bonita Maxon
110 East Shore Drive
Petersburg, NY 12138
[email protected]

Annette Lipstein Friedman retired in March from working at a job in sub acute care. She is now doing per diem work for a home healthcare agency, which gives her lots more time to enjoy the gym, her daughter, granddaughter and husband. She also has time to enjoy hiking and kayaking in New Jersey. In December, Annette and a friend visited Ecuador. The trip included a three day kayaking and camping adven¬ture in the rain forest. Annette is planning a trip to Myanmar.

Judy Shor Kronick is a reference librarian at the University of Connecticut Health Center. She and her husband spend weekends in Rhode Island and relaxing with their grandchildren.

Nancy Kebbon Aho is packing for a move to Boothbay Harbor, ME. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see her at the annual alumnae lobsterfest in Boothbay Harbor because it did not take place this year.

Please send any news to myself or to Judy Shor Kronick. We need to hear from you, as we are already starting to plan for our 50th Reunion in 2016. I attended a Leadership Day at Sage in April and learned about the plans. Russell Sage college will celebrate its 100th anniversary during our 50th Reunion.

Judy Shor Kronick
158 Brewster Road
Windsor, CT 06095-2624
[email protected]

Barbara Towne Patterson
1 Ralsey Road South
Stamford, CT 06902
[email protected]


Thirteen celebrants from our class cherished a fun, festive, activity-filled, and informative 45th Reunion in June. We left refreshed with fond reminiscences of our college experiences, reconnected with the Renaissance of the updated city, campus, and visions for Sage's future, and rejuvenated by delectable dining, our sea of red in the Parade of Classes, lots of laughter and catching up with classmates.

1967_Reunion_3.jpgWhat a wonderful, well-deserved honor that our very own Mary Ann Oppenheimer received the Doris Crockett Medal that weekend!Congratulations and kudos to her! We are all the beneficiaries of her years of dedicated and talented service to Sage.

Share our fun by finding classmates you know in these 45th Reunion photos and plan to join us and others from our class for our 50th Reunion in 2017! In the meantime, email me news about you to share in the next Connections!


Judith Prest Bowden
[email protected]

Rona McNabola Miller
30 Spottswood Road
Glen Rock NJ 07452
[email protected]

The Southern Connecticut Chapter of the RSC Alumnae Association had another fun gourmet barbecue in July at the home of Karin “Brownie” LaBanca '94 in Sandy Hook. George Tiggle from the Sage Partners Program and Barry Ilberman, a trustee, also attended, as did Holly Dorman, former alumnae president.

Sharon Boraski Helm writes, “Don't know if I'm the first or what, but Larry and I became great-grandparents for the first time on June 14.” Her great-granddaughter weighed in at 8 lbs. 5 oz. and 20 inches long. Anyone else a great-grandparent yet?

Did you spend endless hours in Vanderhyden Hall playing Blood and Guts?  Jeanne Casatelli and Olga Kuchar Anderson want to have a reunion of commuters in the next year or so in Troy. Contact Olga at [email protected]

Dorothy Jordan and her family recently hosted the seventh annual comedy fundraiser in honor of her son.   

Marsha Bor Parker
12 Cobblers Mill Road
Sandy Hook, CT 06482
[email protected]   

Elin Fischman Lawrence
139 Wyneding Hill Road
Manchester, CT 06040
[email protected]