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donor report coverThe Office of Institutional Advancement regrets that the following benefactors were erroneously omitted from the President's Club Gold Circle in the 2010 issue of Horizons magazine and Report of Appreciation:

Lorraine Walker Bardsley RSC '38, '01H
Antonia L. Friedman RSC '59
John W. Bean and A. Alexandra Jupin SCA '65, RSC '67
Chester J. and Karen A. Opalka
Michael L. Richter and Susan Lomnitz Richter RSC '69
                                 J. Charles Tracy and Charlotte Shaw Tracy RSC '66
                                 Esther Deffley Winans RSC '44

Click here to view the complete Report of Appreciation, including the corrected President's Club Gold Circle listing.

Sage is extremely grateful to all the generous donors who helped the college post a record-breaking fundraising year in 2009-2010.

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Alexandra Taylor is director of admissions and assistant director of college guidance at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School in Ghent, N.Y. Class correspondent for the Class of 2006, she wrote this open letter to alumnae in anticipation of her first Russell Sage Reunion.

Reunion BalloonsDear Purple Cows of 2006 -- and all Reunion Classes, 

It's almost here, our Reunion. And although I have seen online photos of graduate school graduations, new cars, wedding dresses, and even babies I have not seen most of you in person in, well, five years. I am looking forward to Reunion to talk and share and remember and hear more than can fit in a status update. I am looking forward to donning my sweater among the only people who can truly appreciate a purple poly-wool monstrosity covered in pins.

I wear my Sage ring every day and in these ever-changing times, I feel grateful to be a part of something as enduring as the traditions and sisterhood of RSC. Reunion will be a wonderful time for us to commemorate the legacy of which we are a part.  We will share with the generations of sisters before us and, with each passing Reunion, we will watch it persist with new classes.

As an administrator at a private school not far from Troy, I encourage many of my girls to apply to Russell Sage. I try to share with them the meaning of RSC, but how can I?  How can I put words to our experiences of sleepless Rally nights, Joe's breakfast chatter, wearing your Sage ring for the first time, going crazy hiding your sweater, hearing Dean Robinson call your name at graduation? How can I capture Aggie and all that she stood for in words? I can't.

But that's why we have Reunion: to commemorate the things, people and memories that are too big for words. To remember the girls we were, the women we became, and celebrate the women we are still becoming. To remember that "There is a spot to mem'ry dear" where "We always drink and we always party" when "We're all together again."

To my fellow Cows of 2006 and all of the women with whom we will share this Reunion: I look forward to seeing you in June!


Alexandra Flora Taylor '06   

Alexandra Taylor has a bachelor's degree in English from Russell Sage and a master's degree in English literature from Trinity College. Her responsibilities at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School span operations and budget setting, marketing, web development and graphic design, and counseling prospective and current students and their families. "There is never a dull moment," she said. She attributes her confidence in leadership positions to her Russell Sage education.


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