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Dayton, OH Alumnae Class of 1966 at Lobstah Fest Faith Meyer '51 and Marie Corrado '50
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As I write this message, the holidays are upon us, and some of you will see snowflakes descending from above. As you read this message, it will be into springtime and summer ere long. It was springtime long ago when we graduated from Russell Sage College to follow our dreams, so grab a rainbow and tie your memories to its tail as we spend another year dreaming of what was.

The above is to cheer you on, but this paragraph will say goodbye to two classmates who left us in August. Lucille Aronin Schwartz died on August 15, and Eleanor Friedman Friedman left us on August 18. Lucille was to pay me a visit when she came to Florida to her winter home, which never happened, and Eleanor kept me informed of the many duties which occupied her time. Eleanor never roamed far from her Schenectady home where she lived during her days at Sage.I received holiday cards from Phyllis Hoyt, Edna Ryan Wells and Elizabeth (Dusty) Doust Stewart. Thank you ladies!Your news is always welcome and I will carry on as your correspondent as long as I and my typewriter are able.

Polly (Pauline) Soper Minehan
671 Lakeside Circle #323
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
[email protected]

Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Jane Smith (Smitty) King, who died in 2010. She had a career as an elementary school teacher and was married to John King.Rye Auld King was unable to attend our 70th Reunion in June because she is the clerk of her church in New Hartford, NY and they were having a centennial celebration on the same weekend.I received a beautiful, handmade Christmas card from Xoma Arsem Clark, who is now known as Ann. She walks with a cane and lives with her son in Albuquerque, NM. She plays the piano and organ.           

Elizabeth (Betty) Cummings
6 Church Street
West Boylston, MA 01583-1603
[email protected]

Greetings to all! By this time you have learned that you receive Connections twice a year instead of three times. One advantage is that I can relay Christmas messages -- that is if you send me a card. I always enjoy keeping up with your news. If you sent your e-mail addresses to the Alumnae Office, you will receive periodic Sage e-mails.

Florence (Flo) Carter Gaylord sends greetings from her and Fran. “We are now living at Heritage Woods, a Kisco senior living community in Winston-Salem, NC. Our son and his family have lived in Winston-Salem for about 20 years, so they know the area very well. We have a two bedroom apartment and all of our meals are prepared for us.” Congratulations, Flo! Hope we can count on you for our 70th in 2012.Ruth Handrick Furman, Vivienne Randall Leversee and I plan to attend. We had a ball at our 65th. Hope many ’42ers will join us!

Ruthie writes that she had a good year. Her daughter and family (nine people in all) went to Disney. “Rode all the rides and did all the fun things. I was a kid again.”  I can just see Ruthie still enjoying life so much. In November, she went back to Virginia for Christmas. Her son and daughter-in-law from Florida joined them in Virginia. Family is so precious.

A lovely note from Vivienne tells of her doings. She spends six months at her home in South Dennis, MA and six months at the condo in Florida. Three of her children came to Florida to help her celebrate her 90th. “Before going out to dinner we stopped at a friend’s house for a drink and 48 people jumped out for a huge surprise.” She continues, “I am still playing bridge, water exercise three times a week, riding my bike, and enjoying our ‘Movie Dinner Group.’ My eyes are not what they used to be, macular degeneration, but can still drive during the day. I have received eye injections for about three years which seems to have stabilized progression.” I think Viv takes the cake. What do you think?

I guess by now we all have passed the 90th year and feel very successful at that. As for yours truly, I have resigned from all leadership roles, but enjoy attending my Fellowship GEM, our Green Earth Ministry group, the Social Justice Council, our book group, and the foreign relations group at the Madison Senior Center. Family and friends are nearby (one is in the Adirondacks, but that’s relatively near) and as with all of us, I’m sure, keep us healthy, wealthy and wise.I heartily await news from all of you. So long for now, folks!

Eleanor Jordan Mason
6 Sunrise Drive
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
[email protected]

Muriel L. Wilhelm
78 Sproul Hill Road
Bristol, ME 04539-3211

Muriel Van Zandt Lichtenwalner
1929 East High Street
Pottstown, PA 19464-3209
[email protected]

Excuse the self-promotion, but my latest book is featured on Don’t buy it, but  ask your library to order it, and then take a peek.

Did I mention the fascinating time meeting and listening to RSC President Susan
Scrimshaw some months ago at Boston’s Mandarin Hotel, with Doris Cox Powell ’45?

I ran across an alumnae magazine from 1947, when we were all getting engaged or married after the war. According to one entry by Jean McMullin, “Barbara Pierce’s diamond from Jim Duke is really a thing of beauty.”Ann Heddens Kingston sends news of her family, including some proud words about her son, a mover and shaker of the Colorado political scene.Have a great year, all. I’m off to Cuba this January. Do you think Raúl Castro would do a communist salsa with me?

Vera Cohen Lee
15 Claremont Street
Newton, MA 02458
[email protected]

Sylvia Saarnijoki
24 Holly House Court #4A
Litchfield, CT 06759-3616
[email protected]

I wish I had something more cheerful to write. As the class of 1948, we are getting older so all I have to write is classmates passing away.On June 21, Shirley Taylor Bird passed away. In October, Elizabeth Bogle Soucy passed away. The college was notified by their families.I’m sure the class joins me in feeling our sympathies. I hope I have better news next issue of Connections.

Alice Gordon Katz
3800 State Route 82
Ancramdale, NY 12503

Dear Fellow ’49ers, I’m sorry to report the passing of Mary Laporte Quish of West Hartford, CT in September. We send our condolences to her family.

Marian (Hochie) Hochsprung Barney has had a remarkable recovery after a year of illness, and she’s making up for lost time, wit “...a fine tour of NYC of operas, concerts, the Natural History Museum, and traveling by the much improved Acela train. We’ll be in Sanibel again...missed last year due to my hydrocephalus condition, since solved
in a super operation with great results for me.”  She hopes to see Eleanor (Ellie) Sapega Cochran at the Boston Symphony again.

Marjorie (Midge) Schwartz Lewis wrote of having lunch with Elsie (Chick) Gaber Summit where they discussed grandkids etc., and of an evening at Tanglewood where RSC had a special gathering. “They were all much younger, but were very welcoming as they looked me over curiously. ‘1949,’ they gasped and offered me a chair and various helping hands, but I would have none of it.” Midge added, “I have four grown kids, four half grown grandkids, and among them, two dogs, six cats, 10 books, including four by me, long out of print, and no news.”

Betty Wiesner shares the following:  Mildred (Billie) Blythe Coleman and Bill are off to the sunny Bahamas again. Dorothy (Dottie) Johnson is teaching Head Start classes and says, “3- and 4-year-olds are adorable.” Ruth Norby Hensley is busy with day trips, family and friends and dealing with “years of accumulating things -- sorting, selling and donating. More needs to be done.” Betty and I were guessing that many of our classmates share a similar fun activity.

Elizabeth (Jay) Lee Warren
46 West 25th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99203
[email protected]


Alumnae at the summer home of Julie Agar ’50 (pictured wearing the yellow sweater, far right) after the RSCAA outing to the Ventfort Hall in Lenox, MA.

Faith Meyer '51 and Marie Corrado '50

Faith Meyer ’51 and Marie Corrado

At our 60th Reunion, 17 classmates attended all or part of the events: Dorothy (Dot) Oates Benenati, Marie (Re) Corrado, Harriet (Pot) Potter DeFranco, Diana (Di) Bault DeMille, Hannelore (Lorrie) Bremser Dunne, Ann Colton Gut, Elizabeth (Betty) Ford Harrison, Jane Sawyer Huntley, Jeanne (Randy) Randall Mader, Marie Guilana Margosian, Michelena (Micky) Mastrianni, Barbara (Bret) Rosenbloom Movsky, Joan Carrigan Nelson, Elnora (Ellie) Mosher Peters, Eileen FitzGerald Ramroth, Jane Wardwell Roberts and Nancy Gronwoldt Winter.

At our class meeting it was decided to keep out acting officers: Micky Mastrianni as president; Jeanne (Randy) Mader as secretary and treasurer and Jane Roberts as class correspondent. It was also decided that the minutes of this meeting would be forwarded by e-mail to those who have it by Harriet Potter DeFranco and to all others by US mail by Re Corrado.

Virginia (Ginny) Larson Hendriksen intended to come to Reunion but her car wouldn’t let her. She is in good health and spent the summer with her daughter and grandchildren.

Dorothy (Dot) Atterbury Chinatti celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary: five children and 10 grandchildren!Barbara (Bobby) Bell Bombard is not up to driving yet, so she missed the Reunion. At home she has a friend who drives her places.

Elnora (Ellie) Mosher Peters attended her first-ever Reunion. She is doing well after her bicycling accident and broken bones and is back to cycling, cautiously. Ellie sent me information after Reunion about the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy, which is dedicated to preserving land for public use. Ellie donated 43 acres of family land as no one in the family was interested or could farm it. Now it is open to the public.

Eileen FitzGerald Ramroth has three great grandsons and a fourth on the way.

Wanda (Sunny) Weglarz Miller, along with other RSC alums, had lunch with President Susan Scrimshaw. All were pleased to hear that Sage will remain a women’s college.

Jeanne (Randy) Randall Mader wrote at Christmas that she planned to tour Mediterranean countries in January. Meanwhile, the ever-active Randy has added pickle ball, line dancing and Spanish to her pursuits.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Monica Amyot Bourgeois, who died in 2010.

Jane Wardwell Roberts
PO Box 151
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447-0151
[email protected]

This is the big year! It does not seem possible that it has been 60 years since we graduated from Russell Sage. Florence Hinkle Frommer and I have been calling classmates to encourage them to attend the Reunion on June 3, 4 and 5. We have enjoyed talking to so many friends. Save the date, plan your trip and come to Sage.  We were the Red Hot Class and we will show our great style by attending. The college will send information. Hope to see all of you there. I know you will not regret having made the effort. See you soon!

Rose Del Negro Weaver
401 Lexington Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20901
[email protected]

Laura Batt Somers relates that she and Pat Newmark McCue visited with Joy Eckerson Colt at her assisted living home in Nashua, NH. Joy has just finished a long recovery from a broken leg. Pat and Laura report that Joy retains her sense of humor and is happy in her new surroundings. Joy would enjoy hearing from other classmates at 674 West Hollis St. #118, Nashua, NH 03062Your correspondent would enjoy hearing from many more of you. It is not long until we will be making plans for our 60th Reunion, so let me know how you are all doing!

Mary Ellen Falter Davie
119 Thorncliff Road
Spencerport, NY 14559
[email protected]

It is the last week in January. Here we are on Sanibel and the wind is whipping through the palm trees. I came prepared with warmer clothes for these kinds of days. I can walk the beach now that I have my new knees. It is a joy. It took me four months before I could say the operation for the new knees was worth it.

I talked to Jean Twiss Riley-Harris. We are setting up a date for our annual Class of ’53 west coast of Florida luncheon. She is in Venice.

Then I called my roommate Ailyn Terada in Pennsylvania. She was getting ready to play her oboe in a concert. She is still living on the farm with her dogs and cats. In spite of her limited vision she is able to go places with the help of friends. She was in New York visiting her sister for Christmas when New York got 20 inches of snow.

Ginny Emmons Wall missed my last Connections deadline. She was in Albany because of her grandson’s graduation from high school in June. She spent a few days in New Jersey on her way home. In August she traveled to Boca Raton to visit a former neighbor from Kinnelon, NJ. They hadn’t seen each other in 30 years.

It was a nice surprise to hear from Helen Delage Bethell. John and she remain in good health. Helen serves as executive director of their local land trust and treasurer of a state conservation group. She will drop the latter job soon, as she needs to concentrate on the land trust if she is ever going to be able to pass it on to a successor. Though retired from full-time work, John remains an editor, with a steady stream of projects. They both continue to summer on their sailboat, GWYNFA, in Atlantic Canada. Their children are scattered from Portland, OR to Baltimore, MD to rural New Hampshire. They have two grandchildren, 10 and almost 7, growing too fast. “John has never been to Troy, and would like to see the place. I can’t imagine it looks anything like it did when we were there. One of these days we’ll find time for a visit. It may not be until our 60th, though. I shouldn’t miss that one.”

Cecil Waldman Goldstein wrote me the day after she and Martin returned from their 29th cruise. This one was to the Caribbean. She had a dynamite time and met many great people.

Burt Sebecke Reale and Liz Greene Hafler had lunch in Saratoga on a sunny day in October. Liz had just finished reading The Help. Has anyone besides me read Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout? It is a good read and it won the Pulitzer Prize. Liz said she thought of me when she read about the increasing number of Amish communities in upstate New York. When we were in Potsdam this summer, I saw Amish buggies on the roads everywhere. This is something new.

As most of you know Doris Rogers Rothman suffers extreme back pain. She can accept this as long as she can manage to get to California to see her grandson. She was there in October and plans to go again in February. She watched him compete in his first karate tournament in which he took second place and got a trophy.

I was pleased when Kay Giering Bush sent me her holiday letter. Her husband Fred had cataract surgery last winter. In May they went to Vermont to see their grandson graduate from college and then to Virginia for their granddaughter’s college graduation. August brought a hilarious family party in Larchmont marking Kay’s 80th birthday. The highlight was a fantastic video of Kay’s life that the kids created from pictures. In September they embarked on a trip to see the US by train. They boarded Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited in New York and arrived in Chicago the next day. After two nights and days on the Empire Builder, they arrived in Seattle. A half-day Cascades ride brought them to Eugene, Oregon where their son met them. The last leg of their trip to Bandon was made by car where their son lives overlooking the Pacific. They had a great week of light house visits, a cranberry festival parade and lots of relaxing. Their Eastbound trip began with a night on the Coastal Starlight from Eugene to San Francisco and two days of sightseeing there....Alcatraz, cable cars, Fishermen’s Wharf …the works. Then it was on to Denver and Chicago aboard the California Zephyr and back on the Lake Short Limited for the final leg to New York. What a trip!

Maxine Serata Epstein is doing fine. She has stopped playing golf because her dermatologist keeps warning her about the danger of too much sun. She keeps busy with bridge and traveling with her family. Doris Roger Rothman says she is the same bubbling Mackie we knew at Sage.

Rosemarie Adinolfi Hamilton and her husband had a wonderful trip to France. They spent a week in Paris in a rented apartment, took a two-week boat trip from Normandy to Arles, and spent the last week in Provence in the village of St. Remy. They saw wonderful sights and tasted great food and wine. A few weeks later they flew to Jamaica for their granddaughter’s wedding. Over the summer they spent some time with Jean Twiss Riley-Harris and her husband Bill. The Hamiltons are in Palm Springs from January to May and then they will take a trip up the coast to Vancouver.

A note from Nancy Phillips Wood said they had two snowstorms two weeks apart. The second storm ended with ice. What a mess. In the sunny South they don’t expect to ever have seven inches of snow. They spent Christmas in Virginia with their daughter and son-in-law. Their grandson was able to get home from Alaska, so that made it an extra special Christmas. Then their son and his family came up the day after Christmas. It was the first time since 1993 that brother and sister had been together at Christmastime. Nancy always ends her email with “Rise and Shine!”  That is what she said every morning when she got up. I lived next door to her freshman year and she was always so cheerful in the morning.

Audrey DeSmidt Benson is spending February in Siesta Key, FL again with a friend from Norfolk. She had a nice Christmas with all the girls and her grandchildren. Her last grandchild is in college. “Boy, does that make you feel old.”  Audrey is looking forward to the possibility of great-grandchildren.

My Christmas card from Mary O’Leary Kudzy said that they are still living in their home in Red Hook, NY. Ted continues to work for the city.Nan Schmalz Nelson, who lives on the west coast nearer her Oregon family, sent me a Christmas letter. Her three kids and their family had a wonderful reunion in August. There were 15 of them. Her grandson is home from Iraq and attending college. Another grandson who lives in the U.K. was married this past December. Nan’s Baton Rouge family has a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. Their father sends Nan videos of the kids and their activities. Her Fort Collins family consists of two sons, both teenagers.

Joan Crummey Firra works full time at her physical therapy clinic and has the wonderful experience of having her daughter, who is a PT, with her. Her son is the administrator and go-to man for marketing. Her daughter-in-law runs the office and deals with insurance. She is rewriting her dissertation, which was 200 pages, down to 20 pages for publication. This is a real challenge. It was 57 degrees in Dallas and rainy and cool. It went to 29 degrees last week, bringing a rare killing frost. But by next month, she will be putting parsley, lettuce greens and spinach seeds in the ground. Dallas has terrible soil, a variety of insects and swings in weather from 20 to 120 degrees, yet she loves the challenge of raising vegetables. Joan has a few ski trips scheduled in Taos, NM for this winter. Next year, the annual pass is complimentary for people who are 80. She hopes to be plenty healthy to apply.I wonder as I finish this column, what the rest of you are doing out there?  I encourage you to share your activities with the rest of us.

Patricia Walker Mulholland
1013 Sassafras Circle
Bloomington, IN 47408
[email protected]

Leila Berkowitz Schwartz
420 East 54th Street #30A
New York, NY 10022
[email protected]

Kay Brooks Blick
40D Forest Drive
Springfield, NJ 07081
[email protected]

Our 55th Reunion is a few months away. Who remembers the pouring rain during the weekend of our 50th?

I received a phone call from Ann Seibert last month asking if I had noticed the picture of the two of us along with Florence Berkowitz Friedland on the front of the postcard that arrived a day or two earlier. The mail was waiting in line for the shredder. I pulled it out and there we were. Afraid I won’t make the pictures this year. I am hosting a family reunion that weekend.

Ann reports that all is well. She received a letter from Chris Collard Devereaux. She lists her interests: talking, tennis, theater, reading, gardening, TV, designing and constantly re-arranging. She is involved in the care of her 102 year old mother-in-law.

Marsha Traynor Wiggins sent her annual Christmas card reporting that all is well in El Cajon… And that’s it. My life is much changed but I keep busy. Water volleyball is my sport of choice. We travel around the area trying to disable other old people with a beach ball. I work at our Wellness Center two days a week. It is equivalent to work in a doctor’s office. I am becoming proficient at making 911 calls. My local grandsons keep me on the run with soccer and lacrosse games. My GPS gets me to games in three different states. I attended the Distinguished Donors Club luncheon in D.C. last fall. It was my second introduction to President Scrimshaw. Under her leadership our alma mater is finding a new position on the college map. I do hope many of you are planning to attend the Reunion. 

Ellen DeLoach Van Buren                                         
20540 Falcons Landing Circle #4107                    
Potomac Falls, VA 20165 
[email protected]

Our classmate, Nancy Green Umbrecht passed away on September 12. Our deepest sympathy goes to her family and friends.

Bill and Ginny Halbrook Peattie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their family on a four-day cruise out of Miami. Ginny is sporting a new knee and welcomed a new grandson. They are now permanent Floridians.

Marge Phelps Baish traveled in September to Jerusalem, Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Tel Aviv and London, where she enjoyed the expanded Victoria and Albert Museum. She says this will be her last trip abroad – maybe.

Nancy VanSchaick Porter is retired from her career as a registered dietician. She became a southerner and worked as chief of food nutrition in the North Carolina Division of Prisons. She now spends May to November in upstate New York, and the rest of the year in Raleigh, NC.

Richard and Nancy Blair Myers hopped up to Maine for a long weekend and enjoyed lunch in Freeport, next door to LL Bean. Richard is repairing things (“puttering” says Nancy), and helping the grandsons learn how things work (a true engineer). Nancy is first vice president of the Woman’s Club and she gardens and freezes vegetables. They hit the Y every week.

Larry and Ann Wolcott Wheat are traveling to Costa Rica, Idaho, and Mississippi  this year. Millennium Restaurant continues to do well and their family is still growing: 13 grandchildren and 10 great-grands! Is anyone else even close?

Some news came from holiday letters:George and Tish Allbee Lamb are busy with grandkids and church activities. George builds model remote control airplanes and boats.

Ed and Joan Clarke Gilbert celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a party at the lake.Don and Jane Lieff Love have been supporting the medical profession (Don’s shoulder, cornea and neck; Jane’s back). Their verdict: the “golden years” are quite interesting with the social life consisting of doctor visits, but at least they are “on the right side of the grass.”

I encourage everyone to visit and register your e-mail address to receive the alumnae e-newsletter. This newsletter will come out five times yearly and contain alumnae news, including class notes, sometimes in more detail and in addition to, what is published in Connections. Keep the news coming folks.

Irma Wilhelm
43 Young Road
Augusta, ME 04330
[email protected]

Hi Everyone! Thank you to everyone who responded to my plea for news. I was so sorry to hear of the death of Judy Anderson Helliwell. I’m sure that we all thought of her family in their time of grief.Maybe as spring comes around some of you will think of good times at Sage and send me or Diann Allan Billing or Midge Clayton Hull some news about you and your life. You can send pictures in jpeg format to [email protected].

Diann Allan Billing ([email protected]) writes, “2010 found me at a new address: 46 Mallard Dr. PO Box 374, Allamuchy, NJ 07820. I am very happy here close to my sons and nine of my grandchildren. In March I traveled with World Vision to Guatemala and met my own sponsored child. In the summer three of my granddaughters spent the summer with me and we did many things together! September found me traveling through Italy, Austria, Switzerland and finally to witness the Passion at Oberagamau, Germany. I no sooner returned home when in November my sister wanted to travel to Ireland to explore our Irish roots on our Dad’s side, so we spent a week traveling together (She did the driving on the left side of the road!) through the south eastern coastal, especially in Waterford/Cork Counties. All-in-all I have had a wonderful year!”

Edna Morrison Sehmel ([email protected]) and George traveled to Cambodia and Vietnam in January. It was hard emotionally, but well worth the trip. They have several Vietnamese friends in Richland WA, so it was revealing to see the culture that they came from. In Cambodia, Angkor Wat was amazing centuries ago. What a complex and vast structure -- and still standing -- although somewhat overgrown in places. “I had read a lot about the two countries before I went and when I came home, so it was a rewarding experience. I read several things about Pol Pot and his terrible regime and watched The Killing Fields when we came home. It was rather tame from what I had read. A fun experience was that I had a fish pedicure. I had read about them being banned in this country but our guide said that that she had had one on her previous trip without any problems, so I went for it! You sit around a hot tub-like thing which has hundreds of minnow-sized fish. If you are ticklish, you spend the first few minutes shrieking and then settle back to have the fish nibble away on the dead skin around your nails and heels. My feet were so soft and very refreshed and I enjoyed the whole thing, and would eagerly do it again if I have the opportunity.”

Sue Maddox ([email protected]) got an A-plus when major surgery to determine if a tumor was benign or malignant turned out not to be ovarian cancer! She recuperated for five weeks and is now back to work for Baltimore County on a modified schedule.

Dolores Grabell Grossman ([email protected]) writes, “After 25 years of working in a CPA office my husband and I retired to Wellington, FL. I am an avid bridge player, play golf, and participate in charity work. My husband and I have done some extensive traveling to such countries as China, Australia and New Zealand, among many others.”

Edith Kemp Simpson ([email protected]) writes how sad she felt to hear of Judy Helliwell’s death, as Judy had had a rough journey these last few years.

Millicent Clayton Hull
1332 Atterberry Road
Sequim, WA 98382-7982
[email protected]

Dorothy Muller Frost
230 Lake Drive
North Bennington, VT 05257
[email protected]

Diann Allan Billing
148 James Drive
Ringwood, NJ 07456
[email protected]

Karolyn Wentzel Nealon
3310 Longbow Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235-5135

1960_Mo Flanagan, Diane Arenella, Linda Myers

Mo Flanagan, Diane Arenella, and Linda Myers at the RSCAA’s event at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

More news from this past Reunion: Ann Heck Skidmore lives in Florida and enjoys her grandchildren. Also in Florida, Dorothy Joan Feldman Braman has retired from teaching. She spends 3-5 months in DC where her husband sits on the bench at Superior Court.

Joan VanDyke Piasecki lives in West Chester, PA but winters in Venice, FL.

Diane “Dee” DeSerras Arenella lives in Boston. She still works but manages a major trip every year. Gretchen Grever Wilson lives in Rochester, NY. She managed the business her husband started after she was widowed in 1991. She retired in 2004.

Judith Ghormley Wing retired from the library at University of Albany and is active as a volunteer at her local library.

I heard from several folks who spent many years teaching. Barbara Pardi Gigliotti taught for a couple of years and then worked for the NYS Transit Authority. Beverly Sovitsky Pruzan taught for 31 years! Sue Wagner Enderlin in Breckenridge, CO also taught. Marcia Watkins Logan taught math and history after the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone. Carole Collier Akots was an elementary teacher including 18 years in Troy. Anne Doherty Rogers in Middletown, NJ is retired from being assistant superintendent of schools. She is now consultant for New Jersey State Department of Education.

Rhoda Conning Rosenblum led us in singing our Rally Day songs. Rhoda, who lives in New York City, and roommate Margie Lewis-Steinfeld are still the best of friends.

I also heard from several of the physical therapy majors. Bobbie Weiss Greenspan in Omaha, NE, works part time. In her spare time, she is involved in curling. Kathryn Bele Rossi in Huntsville, AL, worked at a school for handicapped children. Fran DeGuire O’Neill in Bennington, VT, was named Vermont Healthcare Association Physical Therapist of the Year.

Carla Brockway also returned to Reunion. For 15 years, Carla lived and worked in Brussels, Belguim and Nerja, Spain. She is glad to be back in the US and lives outside of Boston, near family.

Ginny Anne Bergeron in Berlin, NH has worked as a social worker for 23 years. She has enjoyed lots of traveling. Natalie Howard Urmson, also in New Hampshire, says her most creative endeavors were “having five wonderful children.” But she has other creative endeavors through her vocation of period costuming for local theatre groups.

Carole Katz Goldstein lives in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Her niece, Jennifer Kriedberg ’84, and daughter, Allison Goldstein Pappas ’92, graduated from Russell Sage.

Judy Lovejoy Ray lives in Austin, TX. She worked in the foods and nutrition field for several years but now is a personal business assistant to elderly women. She helps them organize, handle finances, and accompanies them to appointments.

Anne Marie Kopecky Vidaver is in Lincoln, NE. Anne received her Ph.D. in bacteriology and went to the University of Nebraska where she did research. Anne was honored as a pioneering woman in plant biology.

Liz Muth is in Burlingame,CA. She keeps busy by traveling and working with Habitat for Humanity.Dare Margosian Stalica is in Schenectady. Dare's niece, Kim Margosian, attended Sage.

D’Arcy Shay lives in Albany.

If I missed any of you who were at Reunion, let me know. Those of you who didn’t come let us know what’s up. It was great fun seeing so many back at Sage. I must say that none of us looked like the alumnae who came back for their 50th when we were students. They were old!  Keep in touch.

Marylou Hillsgrove Taylor
9 La Terraza
Lakeland, FL 33813
[email protected]

1961Jane Levin' 61 and Joan Clifford '82

Jane Levin ’61 and Joan Clifford ’82 at an RSCAA event at the Chihuly Collection of the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Suzanne Bushey Thomas writes, “The picture of Gretchen Grever Wilson ’60 in the summer Connections issue was a flashback for me. Gretchen was the person who surprised me many years ago when she tapped me to become a member of Sage Circle. That was a very exciting moment, one that I shall never forget. Thanks for the memory, Gretchen.”

Esta Margolis Patman and her husband take classes at the University of Oregon, volunteer and garden. She spends hours in her new greenhouse. One daughter, a foreign language department head, travels the world with her students. Her other daughter lives in California and is busy with an almost 5-year-old and a 10-year-old.

Sandra Houck Tiedemann writes, “We had a wonderful summer at our lake house where I did lots of beach glass searching, reading, and joined a dance class. I am still teaching five mornings a week. I just love my job - great children and inspiring co - workers.”Please send news and plan on attending our 50th Reunion. I am looking forward to seeing you at Sage in June.

Linda Nee
10201 Grosvenor Place Apt. 1413
Rockville, MD 20852-4621
[email protected]

Sandra Houck Tiedemann
272 Patrice Terrace
Williamsville, NY 14221-3922
[email protected]

Ruth Cleveland Reynolds and Harry welcomed a new grandson born in June in Guam. Ruth went with her two sisters to visit the day he was born. They had a great trip with a stopover in Honolulu. Harry and Ruth spent a week in Englewood, FL with Harry and Sharon Osterhaudt Doty last March. Ruth says they always enjoy their visits with them.

Linda Ostrom Goodwin
884 Davis Lane
Lenoir City, TN 37771
[email protected]

Linda Walker Freeland
2345 Marsh Harbor Avenue
Merritt Island, Fl 32952
[email protected]

Olivia Ludwig Haynes and Bob are finally empty nesters, as their grandson is in his second year of college. Olivia teaches three days a week and is active in Garden Club as well as a volunteer at the Ringling Estate.

Ginger McCann Giammettei is nurse administrator at the medical clinic in Lebanon, PA, with a patient load (from 223 in 2009 to 600) that continues to increase! She is also the volunteer parish nurse for her church in Hershey.Bob and I continue to be involved in church and community in several volunteer roles. This past summer we traveled in Alaska and in November, our home was open during the Schoharie Colonial Historic Association’s “Drive-About” -- a great incentive for getting things done!

Sara Derrick Norberg
33 Christian Avenue #122
Concord, NH 03301-3128
[email protected]

Arlene Given Price
5845 State Route 30
Schohaire, NY 12157
[email protected]

Adrienne Adler Sharon
4 Sunset Lane
Harrison, NY 10528

Shari Taylor Grove
32 Shepard Street #31 
Cambridge, MA 02138 
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Anne Dippold Kiely, her sister-in-law Eldora Kiely Kroon ’58, and her cousin Bette Herrfernan Violette spent a spa day in Saratoga this past summer. They enjoyed lunch, mineral baths and massages as part of their annual “Give each other a birthday present” day.

Heather Frazier Tooker lives on the coast of Maine where she and her husband of 45 years built a retirement home. They have five grandchildren, ages 2 through 9, and love every minute they spend with them. Her college roommate, Mary Abraham Hamlet, lives nearby. They play tennis and bridge together and last year they traveled to Italy. They also see Carol Kobs Sturges, Ellen Bongard and Ruth Alexander.

Carol Tuch Gunthorpe writes, “My husband and I are living the wonderful life of retirement in Palm Coast, FL. We find ourselves busier that we ever thought and I truly enjoy indulging in all the things that I never had time for while working. I am a passionate reader, knitter and volunteer in everything from Feed the Homeless to one of our theaters that provides fabulous entertainment. Although we technically live in the south, most of our very diverse population comes from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and even Russia, Portugal, Vietnam and Cambodia. If you are ever our way, please stop by.”

Olivia Loughnan Thorne writes, “I started a computer training/consulting business called Computer Mentors, Inc. with a friend in 1992. We had intended to teach WordPerfect but we have taught just about anything related to computers and spend much of our time removing viruses and helping people upgrade their computers. I am spending an equal amount of time as president of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania. I have been a member for 35 years. I started out as an education advocate and after 12 years moved into more of the administrative side of things. I was on the national board of the League from 2000-2006, overseeing technology issues plus voter education projects and electronic voter’s guides. I became state president in 2009.” She has two grandchildren, ages 9 and 10 and has been married for 45 years to an RPI graduate.

Carolyn NeJaime-Jeffrey writes, “I spent part of last summer in an exquisite converted stone barn in the Dordogne, France with some hotel time in Paris and Bordeaux. Speaking French almost exclusively was a delight.” She teaches Spanish and English as a Second Language part time and enjoys it enormously. The rest of her time is spent at her travel agency with her sister and co-owner and volunteering for Literacy Network and local theaters.

Karen Wurstlin Williams helped in October to organize a Parkinson’s disease symposium for residents of the central California coast. In December, while spending several weeks in her Schenectady-area apartment, she and husband George had a delightful lunch with Mimi Buchakjian Sobo and Anne Dippold Kiely and their husbands.

Jane Sibley’s third book, The Divine Thunderbolt: Missile of the Gods was published in 2009. She writes, “My doctoral dissertation is the core of it. I examine the folklore, religion and iconography related primarily to the Indo-European thunder god, with special focus on Scandinavia. At present, I am working on two manuscripts, one dealing with runes and the other on traditional Norwegian folk medicine. I also teach arts and crafts at adult education programs and run my spice business, Auntie Arwen’s Spices.”

Wendy Djorup Pacek says that after completing the Appalachian Trail in 2009 she has been volunteering in the Appalachian Trail Conservancy in Harpers Ferry, WV. She answers questions from hikers as they come through on their way between Georgia and Maine. She is enjoying her retirement.

Joan Wagemaker Walls is retired from teaching French. She wonders what has happened to all of the French House inhabitants! She has lived in southern Indiana since 1967.Nancy Sothern Mueller just returned from a trip to see the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and is off to Myanmar for two months.

Margaret (Peg) Holmes and Andrea Knowlden Rowe had a good visit at Biltmore House where Peg volunteers.

Susan Walton Curtis and husband Bill live in Potomac Falls, VA where he is a consultant and she is the executive director of the domestic violence and rape crisis response for Loudoun County. Their older daughter, a professional soccer coach, lives in Hopkinton, MA with her husband and two children. Their younger daughter lives in Atlanta and is a vice-president for a major company. They own a plane and spend a lot of time at getaway places in Nova Scotia and on Cape Cod.

Susan Kosches Recarey writes, “I am still in Key Largo working in real estate after 37 years and loving it. My husband Ben is teaching at the University of Miami and running marathons. His favorite is Disney’s Goofy Race and a Half Challenge [a half-marathon followed by a full marathon the next day.] My two daughters and three grandchildren live close by. My eldest grandson will be a senior in high school next year. I am a member of the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors and am on the board for MarrVelous Pet Rescues. Our big event is March 19, 2011 which is called Woofstock: A Day of Peace, Paws, and Music. Last year we had 5000 people and 1000 dogs!”

Susan Prentky Kates writes, “I live in western New Jersey at Sparta with my husband Steve of 40 years. We have two grown children. Our daughter is a doctor in Northampton, MA. Her partner is a pediatrician and we are blessed with a fantastic 3 year old granddaughter. Our son recently moved to Northampton as well and is a financial planner with Northwestern Mutual. We live in a beautiful lake community but travel every week to Northampton to enjoy our children and grandchild. If any Blue Angel would like to connect with me, I would enjoy hearing from class members at [email protected].”

Grace Hilt Mack is excited about seeing the Grand Canyon and surroundings for 14 days in July. The trip includes stops in seven states. She is on the planning committee for the 50th high school class reunion from Troy High in September.

Kathleen Dunham O’Brien was thrilled to see so many PE majors at our 45th Reunion. In August she spent 16 days touring Ireland and Scotland. She works two days a week at a Troy dermatologist’s office but finds time for four grandsons in Connecticut and some winter travel. She’ll be in New Smyrna Beach, FL in February and in Scottsdale, AZ in March.

Jane (Woody) Woodel Tietjen lives in Hopewell, PA and spends most free time taking care of two of her grandchildren. She is trying to sell her home to move to a smaller place with less work. She recently hosted a dinner for 25 relatives from all over the US. Her son, David, came from California and Bob came from Albany area. Daughter Susan lives close by and had sleeping arrangements for the guests.

Bonita (Bonnie) Maxon and husband spent three weeks in September traveling in her RV to Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick enjoying clam digging and the annual International Shellfish Festival. She is planning to spend three weeks in Mazatlan, Mexico this winter. Bonnie convinced her son in Minnesota to download Skype so they could see the grandchildren on the video camera.

Bonita Maxon
110 East Shore Drive
Petersburg, NY 12138
[email protected]

Class of 1966 at Lobstah Fest

Members of the Class of 1966 at the 25th Annual Lobstah Fest in Maine

Today I am digging out from our latest snowstorm and dreaming about spring and our 45th Reunion. Please save the date June 3-5, 2011. I hope to see you there!

I inadvertently left Sally Dunnells Campbell’s name out in the last issue. She was at the July lobster fest in Maine. Sally retired in March but works as a per diem therapist with total joint patients. She travels to South Carolina and Ohio to visit her two sons and her grandchildren.The RSCAA Southern Connecticut chapter had a wonderful fall luncheon at the Red Barn in Westport. Attending from our class were Charlotte Shaw Tracy, Judy Galza DiMattia, Judy Shor Kronick, and myself. Dean David Milford was our guest speaker.

Charlotte Shaw Tracy and her husband are on a three-month world cruise on the Queen Mary 2. They are heading to South Africa via Uruguay, then to Australia and beyond.

Sadly, we received notice of the death of Sarah (Sally) McGill Goodwin in December. Our condolences to Sally’s family.

Judy Shor Kronick and her husband both still work. They spend time at their vacation home in Charlestown, RI. She has two children and three grandchildren. She spent a week in San Antonio, TX in the fall while Allen attended a conference. She also traveled to Washington DC and visited the National Museum of American History and the National Gallery of Art.

I had a chat with Ruth Rosborough Keiser. She lives in Interlaken, NJ and is retired from teaching gifted kids, working for the State Department, working at a community college, and doing private tutoring. Both her sons live in California. She travels there and to her timeshare in the Poconos.Please send news for the next issue via e-mail, phone, or snail mail. Send updated e-mail addresses to me or to Joyce Hartman Diaz at [email protected].

Barbara Towne Patterson
1 Ralsey Road South
Stamford, CT 06902
[email protected]

Bonnie Wooding Grinvalsky
Box 416 210 Stoddard Road
Morris, CT 06763
[email protected]

Susan Schwartz Stroock teaches anatomy and physiology at Pulaski Technical College in Little Rock, AR. Susan teaches students who wish to become nurses, occupational therapists, or other health professionals. She received an Excellence in Teaching award for working with disabled students at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA. Her husband is director of the Division of Medical Humanities of the College of Medicine at the University of Arkansas.

Sharon Boraski Helm and her husband live in Webster City, IA where Sharon sells Mary Kay products. Their son is in New Orleans and their daughter and two grandchildren live in Virginia. Sharon loves to travel and has been to Vancouver, Williamsburg and New Orleans.

Kathy Rhodes Kay is the principal of the middle and upper schools at the Master’s school in West Simsbury, CT. Her son acts in commercials and is in an ad for Garnier shampoo. Her daughter works in New York City at a hedge fund.

Prior to Christmas, I visited Nancy Schmidt, my former roommate, in her beautiful new condo in Cheshire/Southington, CT. More recently, I spoke with Vicki Bernstein Edelman who is raising Shih Tzu puppies and enjoying retirement. Perhaps our Shih Tzu will soon have a new friend to play with.

The Southern Connecticut Chapter of the RSCAA hosted a luncheon at the Red Barn in Westport in October. Thirty-eight alumnae and several trustees were present. The Class of 1968 was represented by RSCAA board member Amy Gilbert Wolfson, Nancy Schmidt and myself.In July we had a scrumptious barbecue prepared by Frank LaBanca, husband of Karin (Brownie) LaBanca ’94, in my hometown of Sandy Hook, CT.The Southern Connecticut Chapter always draws an enthusiastic crowd to our events. I think Brownie is the secret ingredient and our locally grown reunion planner!Until next time, keep writing!

Marsha Bor Parker
12 Cobblers Mill Road
Sandy Hook, CT 06482
[email protected]

Betsy Geld Gallun was recognized by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's Healthy Schools newsletter for her work. Betsy is the parliamentarian for Prince George’s County Schools, Society of State Directors of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

Phyllis Litvack Furst has a new grandson. Phyllis still does some consulting work. Husband Barry is retired. They enjoy their home in Boca Raton, FL playing golf and bridge.

Corrine (Cotton) Cassedy Maier lives in Hendersonville, NC. Cotton and Connie Crehan Cain had a quick reunion a while back in Tampa. Cotton plans to attend our Reunion in 2014.Heidi Dien Ludwig retired as superintendent of the New York City Department of Education in 2006. She continues to work as a leadership development facilitator for New Visions for Public Schools, a not for profit school reform organization. Her work keeps her in the Bronx secondary schools, where the fight to overcome poverty through education is never ending. Her son is a college senior.

I love receiving holiday cards from you! Muff Fowler Engelbert and husband Dave are retired and busy volunteering, spending time with their five grandkids, and traveling. They’re off to St. Petersburg and Moscow this fall. I received a card from Judy Cluchey Tough and her family from Texas. Judy still looks like she did our freshman year on McK 2.

Connie Crehan Cain from Tampa writes that her kids were visiting for the holidays. Maxine Kaplan Goldsmith retired in September. She is busier than ever volunteering, playing mah jong, spending time with family and traveling.

Barb Blaisdell Sterrett's husband, Cliff, fell backward down four steps and broke his neck, but fortunately did not sever his spinal cord. He is in rehab at Gaylord in Wallingford, CT. The 1969 Blue Angels send our prayers for his rehabilitation and a speedy return home.

Elin Fischman Lawrence
139 Wyneding Hill Road
Manchester, CT 06040
[email protected]