Fall 2014 Programs+Events


Film: This Way of Life

This Way of Life

Shortlisted for the 2011 Academy Awards This Way of Life is a lush and evocative portrait of an inspiring and maverick Maori family living on the edge of the world. Peter and Colleen Ottley-Karena live with their six kids and 50 horses in the almost wild freedom of New Zealand’s isolated mountains. Until Peter’s escalating battle with his own father has profound consequences.

Film Screening: Wednesday, October 29, 7pm
Cost: $5.00, Free with Sage College Student ID, Discount rates available to student groups from other colleges/schools


Watch the Trailer Here

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In a world that pushes gender nonconformity, imagine a place where a little boy can grow up to be the woman of his dreams, and a young girl can rise to become a leader among men. Welcome to Kumu Hina’s Hawaii, where there’s a place in the middle for all. A new documentary by Emmy Award-winning directors Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson.  

 Film Screening: Wednesday, November 12, 7pm
Cost: $5.00, Free with Sage College Student ID
 Discount rates available to student groups from
other colleges/schools

Watch the trailer here


Stay Tuned.
Screening of video and animation work produced by Sage students.

stay tuned 

Date/time:  Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 7pm
Location:  Opalka Gallery, Sage College of Albany, 140 New Scotland Ave.
Cost:  FREE and open to the public
Contact:  Prof. Sean Hovendick, Dept. of Art + Design, 518-292-1808, hovens@sage.edu

Description:  "Stay Tuned" is the annual screening of digital animation, motion graphics, and video art produced by students from the Department of Art + Design at Sage College of Albany. 

 Artist Lecture Series - Benjamin Entner

Colossus of Primaporta

Image: Colossus of Primaporta Ink on fabric, 2014.  Site: Soap Factory  [attached]

Wednesday, November 19 at 7pm
Cost: FREE and open to the public
Contact: Prof. Sean Hovendick, Dept. of Art + Design, 518-292-1808, hovens@sage.edu

Co-sponsored by Opalka Gallery and the Department of Art + Design, interdisciplinary artist Benjamin Entner wraps up the first half of the 2014-15 Artist Lecture Series at Sage College of Albany. 

Benjamin Entner creates works that are the result of conceptual play and material experimentation. Entner’s work actively engages a viewer to intimately react and interact through the use of humour, wonder, and large physical presence. Entner writes, “When I work, I am very conscious of my viewer and, often, I want to make my viewers conscious of themselves. I try to accomplish this by creating a presence of an object or installation that interrupts or intervenes in a viewer’s passive viewing of a piece, and forces them to actively experience it.”

Entner’s current body of work is exploring the boundaries and interplay between two and three dimensional methods of making. Specifically, the point at which a drawing can become form and an object can become representation. These works are made with a keen awareness to art historical precedents and are often a direct reference to or parody of the figurative work of Classical and Renaissance masters. Benjamin's work has shown nationally and internationally; most recently with exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Center of Las Vegas, the Soap Factory of Minneapolis, the Kenneth J Minnaert Center of the Arts in Olympia, WA, as well as, SOMA Kunstgeneratorinstitusjon in Bergen, Norway, and the Handwerker Gallery of Ithaca College.

PechaKucha Night @ Opalka 

Friday, December 5, 2014, 7pm


Many of you attended our first ever PechaKucha Night: 20 images X 20 seconds back in February, and we're doing it again!

Then next PK night will be held on Friday December 5th at 7pm, and we're looking for speakers!

If you're interested in speaking or finding out more information email us at opalka@sage.edu or stop by the gallery.

Check out this video of Brian Cirmo presenting at Opalka Gallery back in February! http://youtu.be/l9P-M1acYJs


Film Screening: The High Cost of Cheap Gas

Film Screening: Wednesday, December 10, 7pm
Cost: $5.00, Free with Sage College Student ID
 Discount rates available to student groups from
other colleges/schools

The 3rd film in our series of films relating to Mike Glier's Antipodes series, we visit Botswana.

An exciting film project exploring some of the real costs of natural gas development from America to the deserts of Southern Africa.

"Follow producer Mira Dutschke and director Jeffrey Barbee around the world as they uncover how the gas industry is invading some of the most protected places on the planet to “frack” for natural gas. Discover the latest science from the gas fields of America, and why this industry affects us all. "