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Procedures for conference, meeting, and other special event use

Each and all planned use of the Opalka Gallery must be approved by gallery representative

Arrangements are made through Conferences and Events Scheduling: 518-292-1785, 518-244-2020, or 518-292-1943.

A Facilities Use Requisition (FUR) form must be completed by user and approved by Conferences and Events Scheduling before use can be confirmed.

Users are responsible for:

  • scheduling event start and end times, and adhering to the specified time
  • the safety of the facility and its contents
  • ensuring that the below enumerated General Guidelines for setup and use are followed
  • contacting Conferences and Events or gallery professional staff if the scheduled event is canceled.

General Guidelines for setup and use:

  • No change can be made in an exhibition installed in the gallery aside from the repositioning of display case(s) on linoleum floored area.
  • No event specific furniture or furnishings can be placed on the wood floor of the gallery while an exhibit is installed.
  • Ruth Hall Daly or Jacqueline Lynch should be informed if there is a desire anything be moved in order to set up. All relocation of objects can only occur with the authorization of gallery personnel.
  • When setting up tables and chairs it should be remembered that there must be clear easy access to the art and a distance of no less than 36” from any furniture to any installed work of art.
  • If furniture is to be set up while the gallery is open to the public, it must be done in such a way as to not interfere with the ability of gallery goers to view the exhibition.
  • The furniture and detritus of the event should be removed as promptly as possible after the event. Ideally the furniture and trash should be removed by the next time the gallery is open to the public. If the set up and event is during gallery hours and the gallery will be open to the public during the remainder of the day, the furniture should be removed shortly after the event is concluded.
  • Any and all gallery and lecture hall furniture moved for or in the course of the event should be returned to original locations. Any posters or signs placed for the event should be removed.
  • All Opalka resources (e.g. projectors, smart podium) must be used in a responsible manner and be shut down and/or secured as per provided instruction(s).
  • The gallery is to be left ready for its primary uses after an event.
  • If the event ends at any time other than regular gallery hours, the Opalka must be locked and alarmed when user or facilitator leaves the premises by calling Public Safety at 244-3177.

The Opalka is a great resource for the entire community, however for it to function in the manner for which it is intended, the above guidelines and procedures must be observed.

Procedures (pdf)

Facilities Use Requisition (FUR) form