Independent Viewing Guidelines for K-12 Educators

  • All tours will be self-guided
  • Reservations for groups more than 10 are required. Please contact the gallery at or 518-292-7742
  • One adult chaperone is required for every 10 students. If chaperones fail to supervise their students, they will be asked to leave the gallery. We ask that you please provide your students with a pre-visit orientation on expected art gallery behavior. Our policies include:
    • Please do not touch any objects on display. Natural oils and moisture from the hands can hurt the artwork.  We want to preserve these objects so that they can be experienced by future generations.
    • Inside voices please. The gallery is very large, and echoes are easily made.  There may be other visitors or students learning in the gallery.
    • No running. We do not want anyone (or anything!) to get hurt.
    • Please use pencils and do not use the walls to support your paper.
    • Please do not use flash photography. The bright light is capable of damaging the art.
    • Please encourage students to leave all non-essential items behind. Backpacks worn in the gallery can easily knock over our sculptures.