We Asked, "What makes science so cool?" The experts answered...

“Science is 'cool' because it gives the observer a framework to gauge their observations, study and experiment of phenomena encountered in the world. For example, most people understand 'cool' as something that is neat-o or keen while to the trained scientist, we rightfully recognize 'cool' as the range between 100 and 400 degrees on the Kelvin temperature scale. Hence, science is truly cool.” - Clinton T. Ballinger, CEO, Evident Technologies, Inc.


“Based on my recent adventure in Antarctica, ‘cool’ should be obvious! But really what makes science cool isthat doing science is an expression of being human like art or poetry. Expressing the human desire to understand feels right to our nervous system.” - Professor Jack Harris



“Science is so cool because it explains the world surrounding us: why you see the lightning first then hear the thunder; how soap cleans the grease off of dirty dishes; how aspirin eases the pain of a headache. Science is the foundation of everything we touch and all that touches us in our daily lives.” - Margaret A. Hines, Ph.D., Manager of Nanomaterials and Advanced Projects, Evident Technologies, Inc.


“Science has everything! It’s one jam-packed area filled with all the essentials! It explains everything about how and what we breathe, eat and drink. It explains why we sleep and where we live, how we reproduce, grow, live and die. In a way, science is the sustenance of a questioning learner — it provides a chance to find the answer to all of the ‘whys.’- Jenny Johnson ’08