We asked, “What makes science so cool?” The experts answered...


“From cosmology to molecular medicine, the origin of life and exobiology, being a scientist allows me to explore nature’s deepest mysteries without necessarily having to ‘grow up’ along the way. Imagine, playing at a shoreline of the universe on a beautiful starlit day.” - Professor Tom Keane


“Studying science, at a molecular level, provides us with the opportunity of understanding our development, why we behave the way we do, how disease states progress and possibly how to treat those conditions. What could be more rewarding than to have a true understanding of who we are from the time we are born and using that same information to help us as we grow older?” - Professor Stacie Kutz

“What makes science cool is science itself, the process of discovery, which can be highly systematic and organized with carefully crafted hypotheses and experimental designs and sometimes discovery can just be plain luck. But when you finally add a piece to the puzzle of scientific knowledge...wow!”

- Professor Mary Rea


“I believe science is so cool because of the undiscovered. The future of this field relies on the creativity and hard work of thosewho chose to take on the challenge.”
- Michelle Pautler ’07