Mrs. Sage in the News
Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage in the company of Bono and Melinda and Bill Gates? That’s right! Time magazine’s Persons of the Year issue (December 26, 2005) featured the benefactor behind Russell Sage College in a timeline of philanthropy in America. A subsequent profile in Investor’s Business Daily (March 7, 2006) called her, "a social contempoirary of Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, who dominated charitable ventures as thoroughly as they dominated steel and mining industries."


Capital Region Change-Agent
President Jeanne Neff was recognized as the longest-serving leader of a four-year college in the region in an Albany Times Union article, “Time and a knack for change are on her side” (January 3, 2006). “She’s an incredible change agent,” said Russell Sage College Dean Sharon Robinson. “There’s just a whole lot that has happened at The Sage Colleges in the time that she has been here.”


Sage’s Business Program Broadcasts Tech Valley’s Bottom Line
Sage has become an underwriter for local PBS-affiliate WMHT’s new business broadcast, The Bottom Line with Wally Altes. Sage’s underwriting support is in line with its expanding business programs. The weekly series examining all aspects of business in Tech Valley premiered in April. Visit


Russell Sage DeMythified
“Destroying the Sage myth” by Sage archivist Aggie Stillman appeared in the Sunday Troy Record (January 29, 2006). The entertaining and educational piece dispels rumors around Russell Sage and his relationship to his wife Margaret Olivia and Russell Sage College.


Beloved Troy in The New York Times

“Where the finest antiques can’t be bought,” in The New York Times (April 7, 2006) includes “The tidy campus of Russell Sage College, incorporating a sterling 1835 Greek Revival church now used as a lecture and performance site,” on the itinerary of an idyllic day-tour of Troy’s historic treasures.