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**GRANT DUE** Arts and Humanities: Art-Centered Community Development Projects

Date: Saturday, November 1st, 2014

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Title                Art-Centered Community Development Projects
Due                 Letter of intent: November 1, 2014
        1 year
            Average budget awarded in last two years was $336,469
Summary       ArtPlace invites letters of inquiry from initiatives involving arts organizations, artists and designers working in partnership with local and national partners to produce a transformative impact on community vibrancy. ArtPlace sees its role as providing venture funding in the form of grants, seeding entrepreneurial projects that already enjoy strong local buy-in and will occur at places already showing signs of momentum, integrate with a community‚Äôs economic development and community revitalization strategy, and have the potential to attract additional private and public support to the community.
Contact           Sage Research Institute (SRI@Sage.edu)

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