Grants Resource Center

The Grants Resource Center is a joint venture between the Sage Research Institute (SRI) and the Office of Corporate, Government, and Foundation Relations (OCGFR) to assist faculty in identifying and applying for grant opportunities.  Personnel work closely with faculty in project development as well as application completion and submission to secure external sponsorship for projects.  Staff members also support the administration of funded projects to ensure efficient grants management as well as compliance with the institutional, state, federal, and sponsor guidelines and regulations.

The Office of Corporate, Government, and Foundation Relations manages the relationships between The Sage Colleges and organizational sources of funding—public and private.  The primary work of the OCGFR is to support capital projects and other institutional priorities.

The Sage Research Institute supports the pursuit of grants at all levels including individual faculty, program project, and institutional where the focus is on research.

OCGFR and SRI personnel act as the conduits for faculty projects that are approved by their respective department and will be vetted through the Grants Planning Committee (GPC).  The GPC reviews grant concepts at the earliest stage of development to assist with aligning the project with institutional priorities and identify available resources.  Answers to frequently asked questions are available.

To start your successful grant process, please contact:

Nick DeCaprio
Associate Director of Corporate, Government, and Foundation, Institutional Advancement
92 1st Street
Troy, NY 12180
[email protected]
(518) 244-4551