Financial Conflict of Interest: The Sage Colleges Policy

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI):  Sage Policy

FCOI regulations were established to promote objectivity in research that is free from bias due to monetary influence on researchers. Significant financial interest is anything of monetary value or potential monetary value held by the Investigator or a family member that appears to be related to the investigator’s duties as a Sage employee such as salary, consulting fees, honoraria, stocks, intellectual property, or reimbursed travel. Depending on the funding source, some research projects may require key personnel to complete FCOI training (ex: NIH training; CITI training) and disclose financial conflicts of interest (PDF, Word).  FCOI requirements are typically determined before a grant application for external funding is submitted.  Please contact Peter Hughes, FCOI Official, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer of Financial Affairs ([email protected]; 244-2200) if you would like more information.