Graduate School Information

Thinking of Graduate School? Deciding to further your studies is an important career and academic decision. The graduation application process involves a carefully constructed and organized plan (or to-do list), which includes identifying programs, following a detailed schedule for submission of all required paperwork and, in most instances, taking graduate examinations (i.e., GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT).

Helpful Tips

  • Start EARLY -- in the fall of your junior year, if possible.
  • Read Career Planning's Career Education Guide on Applying to Graduate School.
  • Discuss career and graduate school options with your professors, faculty advisor, workplace supervisor and Career Planning Center.
  • Update your resume regularly to reflect your paid and unpaid work, volunteer, and academic experiences. Make an appointment to have your resume critiqued by The Office of Career Planning.
  • Research graduate and professional programs on-line, call and inquire about available fellowships or assistantships; attend open house programs.
  • Complete an internship experience (1-2 recommended).
  • Talk to admission representatives, department chairs and students at institutions of interest.
  • Select and apply to a final list of at least 3-6 schools. Pay attention to how the programs and institutions are different from one another!
  • Write strong statements of purpose that are well-tailored to each individual institution and their unique graduate program that you are applying to. Have them critiqued by the Office of Career Planning.
  • Prepare for and take any required graduate examinations.
  • Request letters of recommendation from faculty, administrators, supervisors, colleagues - anyone who can speak about your professional and academic strengths and potential for graduate school success. Allow 3-4 weeks time for completion. Avoid last minute requests!
  • Prepare for graduate school interviews - schedule a Mock Interview with the Office of Career Planning.

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