Work Study Process

Finding a work-study position


Students are responsible for securing their own work study positions. All work study positions are posted in SAGElink. You will need to create an account and log in to search for open positions.

If hired
Students must complete the following employment/payroll forms with their Work Study Supervisor:

  • Sage Employment Authorization Form indicating approval from Financial Aid Office (each term). Students can pick up the form in Student Services.
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Form – Please have a photo ID and ORIGINAL Social Security card or birth certificate.  A current US passport will also be accepted.
  • W-4 Form – Please be aware of your tax situation as we cannot advise how to fill out your W-4 due to liability reasons.


Student receives copy of job description, salary information, maximum allowable earnings, supervisor's name/contact information and weekly work schedule in writing

Supervisor meets with student and provides necessary training

Supervisor and student keeps written record of all hours worked

Student and supervisor sign time sheet and submit time sheet to Sage Payroll Office, Troy Campus, by pre-specified due dates

Student Paychecks
Students are paid on a bi-weekly basis, every other Friday. 

Student Pay Schedule for Fall 2015

Student paychecks may be picked up at the Student Services Office (ID required) -or- students may utilize the Direct Deposit option.

For more information, please contact Sage Payroll Office.

Payroll Office

The Sage Colleges

Cowee Hall, Troy Campus

(518) 244-2203