Sage Business Cards

Sage's Office of Communications has designed business cards for employees of The Sage Colleges that are consistent with our current branding.

Latest Enhancements to Business Card Styles

The two basic styles have not changed. However, based on feedback received from the Sage community:

-- the Sage motto "To Be. To Know. To Do." has been added in order to fulfill a requirement to make our mission more visible for Middle States Accreditation

-- the Sage website has been added to Card Style #1 (Card Style #2 displays it prominently on the back)

-- the fax number is now an Option to list Fax and/or Cell

Each card is two-sided, and you can select which of two styles you prefer.

Card 1 (front & back)

[Business card 1 front]
[New Sage Business Card - 1(back)]

Card 2 (front & back with dual addresses - this style can also just have one address)

[BC 2]
[New Sage Business Card - 2(back)]

To Order Your New Business Cards:

If you customarily place orders through OfficeMax, you will receive a user account for Sage's new Online Print Store and will be required to attend a training session before placing orders, where you will learn how the store works.

If you do not normally place orders, contact the person in your area who does, and provide them with the information you wish printed on your business card, the style you prefer, quantity you would like to order, and budget information.


Communications & PR is paying for the printing of the color business card "shells." Your department will only be charged the cost of overprinting your specific information.

More specific pricing information will be shared with users as it becomes available.

With questions about Online Print Store user accounts or pricing, contact