Brand Letterhead

In order to integrate the college branding, the Office of Communications & PR has developed standardized stationery for The Sage Colleges, its Deans, departments, and divisions.

Brand Letterhead

The brand stationery is college specific and is used for all communication to prospective students, for enrollment, recruitment and marketing. For instance, admission officers would use this type of stationery for all recruitment activities.

There is no longer a seal version of the letterhead. Please use the update branded letterhead.

To Order Your Letterhead:

If you customarily place orders through OfficeMax, you will receive a user account for Sage's new Online Print Store and will be required to attend a training session before placing orders, where you will learn how the store works.

If you do not normally place orders, contact the person in your area who does, and provide them with the information you wish printed on your business card, the style you prefer, quantity you would like to order, and budget information.


Specific pricing is available on the online print store as you are placing your order.

Digital Letterhead

The following branded letterhead is intended for digital communication.